SDCC 2019: Preacher Cast Promises An “Explosive” And “Addictive” Final Season

Credit: Lachlan Moore/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

It was with a bit of sadness that four cast members from AMC’s Preacher sat down for a press conference at San Diego Comic Con before their panel. The final season of the show had recently been announced and it was obvious the cast was still processing the news. Right away, Dominic Cooper jumped into his feelings about season four being the end for Preacher. 

“I think that their decision was made because they felt this story needed, as the comics did, a beginning a middle and an end and to wrap it up,” he said. “Because the comic book has such a definite ending, and I think without the knowledge of that you don’t know where it go. It could just carry on and on. But it was very sad getting the news, and we’ve come to love doing it every year. It’s become part of our lives.”

All the cast members at the press conference expressed how much they’ve enjoyed working together and working with their crew in New Orleans and, more recently, in Melbourne. 

“Everybody on this show really ups each other’s game, and challenges each other to be better,” said Julie Ann Emery. “I never want to let any of my scene partners on this show down. It’s just such a high level of work going on. I’m really sad that I’m not going to show up to work with one of these guys tomorrow.”

The cast just wrapped filming three weeks ago so they were still “in mourning” while also being excited for season four. Fans won’t be disappointed, they promised. 

“The production values are off the hook this season,” Emery said.

“No expense was spared,” Cooper added, saying he thinks as soon as the production team knew this season would be their last, they went all out.

“The story of Preacher was already established, for the most part,” Mark Harelik commented. “It wasn’t creating the story. It was creating the moments that made the story really stimulating for us. That’s the thing we fed on. During the fourth season the tension and the steaks just ramped up more and more and more and more. Bringing that to a conclusion is really satisfying as well as plangent.” 

There’s one aspect from the comic that fans have been eagerly awaiting: Jesse’s eyepatch. In the comic, he has his eye bitten out by God and Cooper hinted that we may see this play out on screen as well. “Well, Mark [Harelik, who plays God] spent a day licking my eyeball. So take from that what you will.”

As this is the final season, Cooper said the writing team really devoted themselves to making sure nothing was left unanswered and no potential story or moment was left unexplored. 

Credit: Lachlan Moore/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Harelik teased that we would see the effects of the “spiderweb” that God has created in season 4.  “Without getting terribly specific, I can say that God is manipulating everybody… for his own purposes,” the actor said. 

“We’re all on these paths sort of careening towards each other in the center all season,” Emery added. She continued that nothing is taken for granted this season and “nothing settles down, everything’s just hardcore on a rollercoaster…I feel like every episode’s explosive.”

“Anybody who watches the two-episode premiere on [August 4th] will have been injected with some highly addictive substance,” Harelik concluded.

The season 4 premiere of Preacher will air on AMC on August 4th.

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