SDCC 2019: Game of Thrones Cast Takes A Stroll Down Memory Lane During Their Last Appearance At Comic Con

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When it was announced that Game of Thrones was coming back to San Diego Comic Con, many wondered why they were coming at all as the show had already wrapped up its very divisive final season. Was it to explain its controversial series finale? Or was it to reflect on the good times and give fans one more time with their favorite cast members?

Thankfully, it was more of a celebration type of panel as cast members Isaac Hempstead Wright, Conleth Hill, Liam Cunningham, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Maisie Williams, John Bradley, and Jacob Anderson were on hand to share some memories and bring the humor to Hall H on Friday afternoon. The panel started with all the actors poking fun as they noted that someone forgot a coffee cup on stage as they all lifted cups and toasted the crowd.

Shortly after that, the actors started talking about what-if scenarios as far as if certain people had lived or made different choices. Coster-Waldau shared that he thought it would not have worked out with him and Brieanne because Jaime has too much baggage. Cunningham thinks, if Melisandre hadn’t killed herself, he probably would have hired someone to take care of the job because he doesn’t think Davos would’ve done it. Anderson said he wasn’t sure why Grey Worm didn’t kill Jon Snow, going so far as to put on a Spider-Man mask to avoid the question.

Williams said if Arya came back, Gendry still wouldn’t have a chance because she doesn’t think companionship is what makes Arya happy. Williams also shared that she really loved the Arya memes with “What’s West of Westeros”. Additionally, the actress also confirmed that Arya took out the Night King all on her own (sorry, Jon Snow).

Hill confirmed that, yes, Varys did try to poison Daenerys in his final episode because he knew what was coming. He also shared, when asked if he stole anything off the set when he left, that “stole most of the scenes that he was in.”

The cast wrapped the panel up by giving heartfelt thank yous to their fans and also revealing what their favorite lines of the series were.

  • For Coster-Waldau it was “Hold the door.
  • For Cunningham it was “Nothing fucks you harder than time.”
  • For Anderson it was “Valar morghulis.”
  • For Williams it was “Not today.”
  • For Bradley it was “I always wanted to be a wizard.”
  • For Hill it was “I drink and I know things.”
  • And, finally, for Hempstead Wright it was “Chaos is a ladder.”


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