SDCC 2019: 4YE Chats With The Cast Of NBC’s Superstore

Credit: San Diego Union Tribune

The cast of NBC’s Superstore made it to San Diego Comic Con this year, ahead of the show’s fifth season. While even the cast doesn’t know what’s in store for their characters’ futures, we sat down with some of the cast as they shared their thoughts on what they would like to see from their characters in the coming season.

As the show’s delightfully inept former manager, Glenn, Mark McKinney says he would like to see more about his character’s home life. As a father of sixteen children, who has recently stepped down from his position to spend more time with his family, McKinney says he would like to be able to explore that side of Glenn. Additionally, McKinney says he would love to see more of the “deeply corrupt” church Glenn is still a devoted member of. And, of course, while Glenn is no longer a manager, McKinney would like to see his character put in charge of something “so [Glenn] can screw it up.” Something tells me there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing at least that side of Glenn in the near future!

Nichole Bloom, who plays young mom Cheyenne, says she “would like to see Cheyenne as a mother.” According to the actress, she’s gunning for an episode focused on Cheyenne’s relationship with her daughter, Harmonica – especially after the fun experience of having the audience meet Cheyenne’s mother. Bloom points out that, at this time, she doesn’t know what Harmonica looks like now, or how Cheyenne’s relationship with Harmonica’s father, Bo, is.

A character fans would like to see more of is Sandra and actress Kaliko Kauahi agrees. What she would like to see is Sandra’s backstory, and there have been a lot of ideas from the cast and crew about who exactly Sandra is. Among Kauahi’s favorite suggestions are the possibilities that Sandra could be in witness protection…or a member of the Yakuza, the Japanese mob!

In terms of social issues, Superstore has never been one to shy away from addressing them, a facet of the show that both McKinney and Bloom are proud of. As for what’s next in that regard, Bloom says she would love to see a storyline about going green. McKinney agrees, saying that one of his favorite lines from Glenn this past season was right before the big snow storm when Glenn said, “So much for global warming!”

Credit: ET Canada

Regarding what we’ve seen so far in terms of social issues, Bloom is particularly happy with the way the show’s writers represent everyday life. She says, “I remember growing up watching sitcoms, and I was like, ‘Why does everyone on TV have a big house, and they never deal with money problems?’ It wasn’t realistic in any way.”

Regarding the issue of female empowerment, there’s no better example than Lauren Ash’s character, Dina. When asked what makes Dina such a fan favorite, despite being such a har-ass, Ash mentioned that Dina has become something of a “spirit animal” for women everywhere. Ash attributes that to the “balls-out, no-nonsense” approach Dina takes to her life. She “doesn’t take crap from anyone; she’s super confident.” Ash says it’s been a lot of fun to play a character that people look to as “an inspiration for confidence.” In fact, Ash does as well, saying that she does find herself thinking, “I should really be more line Dina about this; I should stop the negative self-talk. There’s no time for it.”

Arguably TV’s biggest shocker this past year was Superstore‘s decision to fully address one the biggest issues in the US today – ICE raids and arrests. At the end of season four, fan-favorite Mateo was arrested by ICE. When asked whether or not there was any pushback from NBC when pitching the idea, the show’s creator and executive producer Justin Spitzer said there really wasn’t any. They were ready and willing to fully embrace the plot line and gave their utmost support to the team in their desire to bring it to screen.

Regarding the inclusion of the ICE storyline, series star America Ferrera was asked if she felt a responsibility in tackling that subject. She said, “I’ve never thought of it as a responsibility; I’ve always thought about it as an opportunity…to connect to a specific reality in this moment in our society.”

Credit: Variety

Ferrera says she was thrilled to have the opportunity to do this, which is something we historically don’t get to see often on TV. However, Ferrera says that Superstore is one voice out of many that are beginning to take center stage right now: “We’ve seen incredible content coming from fresh voices, and it’s exciting to see such quality content that speaks to broader audiences but is allowing for newer perspectives and fresh storytellers is what’s making this a great era in television, so I think everyone is trying to find where their role in that is now.”

NBC’s Superstore will return this Fall for a fifth season.