Reunions And Death Wrap Up Agents Of SHIELD’s “Collision Course Part 2”

Credit: Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Last week’s episode ended with a truck and a spaceship both headed for an alien tower and hundreds of thousands of innocent lives (and maybe the fate of the planet) at stake. This week, we start in roughly the same spot. Yo-Yo decides to take the Quinjet to rescue the four that are trapped on the truck, which has a bomb in it. As Mack is left to wonder what they’re missing, Sarge and his crew prepare to take over the Zephyr. In the descending spaceship, FitzSimmons quickly realize Izel has infected the crew. She assures them they’re safe because she needs their intelligence for whatever she has planned on Earth.

The bomb in the truck is an atom bomb and though he tries to “dazzle”, Deke can’t defuse it in the few minutes they have left. Daisy grabs ahold of May’s hand as they await the explosion and then has a sudden idea. The truck hits the Shrike tower but doesn’t explode. Daisy used her Quake powers to stabilize the bomb. It’s still active but undetonated for now. Sarge easily takes over the Zephyr, handcuffing Mack to a rail and setting up a forcefield to block out Yo-Yo. But when the bomb doesn’t go off, he orders Davis to pursue Izel’s ship. 

Jaco agrees with Mack that regroups with those on the ground is the best idea but Sarge has a single focus and one response: “no one slows us down.” When Yo-Yo tricks them into lowering the forcefield, she gives Mack keys to his cuffs. Sarge shoots Pax and locks Jaco out, ordering him to find Yo-Yo. But when he does, they talk things over and Jaco decides his goal is killing Izel, not killing innocent people.

Speaking of Izel, she’s mad as hell that her tower was destroyed. When FitzSimmons are able to restore the comms system, they try to signal distress to SHIELD but SHIELD is also in distress at the moment. Sarge gets on the comms, which startles FitzSimmons who believe Coulson is dead. He and Izel argue over who’s the real villain with him accusing her of killing his family and taking his memories. She counters that he never had any memories. When she turns on FitzSimmons, thinking they’re in league with Sarge because they recognized his voice, they disarm the crew and run. 

Down in the truck, they have a new problem. The device keeping the Shrike away is dead again and thousands of the creatures exploded from the tower on impact. They’re now attacking the truck. After barricading the windows, Daisy opens the door to funnel the Shrike into one area then Quakes the hell out of them, obliterating every single one.

Mack uses Sarge’s anger to bait him into a fight that is surprisingly even until Mack chucks the other man across the room. Jaco shows up but he’s not on Sarge’s side anymore. Sarge wakes up in a containment unit and begs to go with them to kill Izel but their mission is to rescue FitzSimmons only. Mack and Yo-Yo do just that and their reunion with the duo is very touching. Jaco convinces Davis to help take out Izel but she disappears. 

The infected crew take over the quinjet and are too numerous for our team to handle. They escape via Jaco’s jacket portal, which lands them on top of the truck. FitzSimmons reunites with Daisy, May, and Deke, who is overjoyed to see his grandparents again. While everyone is hugging, Jaco snatches the bomb and makes a new portal to return him to the ship where he blows over everything, including Izel we’re led to believe.

SHIELD celebrates their victory and having everyone back with beer, wine, and a quiet party. Daisy tells Mack he’s being stupid about Yo-Yo, a criticism he takes to heart because later he apologizes to Yo-Yo for screwing up their relationship. He asks for the chance to earn her forgiveness. She kisses him and says they can take it slow. Davis is strangely silent at the party and looks sick, even falling asleep sitting up on the couch. Deke desperately tries to impress his “Bobo” (Fitz), who is still adjusting to Deke’s presence. Over Deke’s objections, Daisy has Snow locked up for being a murderer (which she is). Everyone settles back into the Zephyr, making it home once again.

During the party, May had lamented to Yo-Yo that she didn’t shoot Sarge as soon as she saw him. In the kicker, May enters Sarge’s cell and does just that, shooting him several times without a word.

Field Notes

  • So Izel is totally Davis now, right? I’m assuming she’s simply a mama Shrike that can inhabit whatever body is available to her. Maybe she also took over May at the end?
  • If this theory is true, it would also explain Coulson/Sarge. Maybe a rogue Shrike took over Coulson’s body after he died and has been traveling the universe hunting Izel.
  • All that said, if May or Davis die, I will be pissed.
Stephanie Coats