Queer Eye Season 4 Releases Trailer And Jonathan Van Ness Is Going Back To High School

Credit: Netflix

Queer Eye is back, baby!

Well, almost back. The show will return for its fourth season in a little under two weeks. A trailer for the season was released with Netflix, which promises more make-betters and heroes to have us weep for days.

We’re even going to see Jonathan Van Ness’ high school as one of the heroes is his former orchestra teacher. Yes, it looks like Van Ness will be taking over the school for the day.

Other subjects include a farmer who had never talked to LGBT person before, a woman whose fashion and hair hasn’t changed since the 90s, an older man who took care of his parents, a man who does everything for his community, and the show’s first subject who uses a wheelchair. I’m sure there are more moments buried in there, but, to be honest, I was reaching for a tissue.

Of course, there were moments of the Fab Five giving advice of all sorts. From Bobby telling us that it’s never too late to start to Karamo assuring one of the heroes that he’s not a failure for putting his family first, it’s clear we’re gonna get emotional up in here.

Check out the trailer below.

Queer Eye season four will be released on July 19th.

Bec Heim