New Doctor Doom Comic Series Announced At SDCC 2019

Credit: Marvel

San Diego Comic Con 2019 contained some high profile announcements, particularly regarding the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the spate of new programmes due to appear on the Disney+ streaming service. Yet among the more low-key news stories to emerge from the weekend was the announcement that a new comic book series is due out. The new series will be penned by the writer of computing period drama Halt and Catch Fire Christopher Cantwell, and is due to be illustrated by the artist responsible for Invincible Iron Man and Star Wars, Salvador Larroca.

Doctor Doom will follow the antics of the main villain of the Fantastic Four series, Victor Von Doom, after he is accused of an act of terrorism that leaves thousands of people dead. With no kingdom or fellow villains to support him, Doom faces events that could possibly change his life forever.

Although he has been a Marvel bad guy for many years, Dr. Doom’s new incarnation shows the character in a more conflicted light. As well as attempting to warn those around him against the creation of the very first artificial ‘black hole,’ he has visions of a different, possibly better future. His suspected involvement in the terrorist attack leaves him therefore not only running from the law, but also himself.

It comes alongside other recent writing and directing projects from Cantwell, including the television series Rainy Day People and the film The Parts You Lose. The latter is a thriller examining the unlikely friendship between a 10-year-old deaf boy and a criminal on the run.

The first of the new Dr. Doom comics is due to be released in October 2019.