Legends Of Tomorrow Ups Olivia Swann To Series Regular (And Big Bad) For Season 5

Credit: The CW

Legends Of Tomorrow may not premiere until the midseason (and possibly in the middle of “Crisis On Infinite Earths”), that doesn’t mean that we aren’t endlessly curious about what’ll go on in season five of the series.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the fan-fave series has found its Big Bad for season five. She remains an old wound to one John Constantine (Matt Ryan), who remains on the Waverider for season five. Olivia Swann, who plays the grown-up Astra, has been promoted to series regular for the upcoming season.

Astra, as fans know, ended up in Hell following a botched exorcism by Constantine in Newcastle some years ago. It’s an event that haunted John. In Hell, Astra grew up in order to survive and has her own plans. The end of season four saw her release the souls of some of history’s greatest monsters (Stalin, Ghengis Khan, etc) in the world.

Executive producer Keto Shimizu said, “We’re so excited about having Astra back this season as our big bad.”

He also touched on Constantine’s complex relationship with Astra, “A lot of what Constantine is going to be dealing with this season is his very complicated relationship with her and a desire to save her despite all the pain and trouble she’s putting us through.”

Of course, just because Astra is the Big Bad, it doesn’t necessarily means she’s… bad. Legends of Tomorrow does have a habit of making morally complex characters of its antagonists.

Executive producer Phil Klemmer joked on this trend, “We always chicken out when it comes to our big bads. She’ll probably be rehabilitated by episode 4.”

Legends of Tomorrow season five will premiere in 2020, though we will see the crew during the mega “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event.

Bec Heim