Katee Sackhoff Risks An Interstellar War In The Chilling And Tense Full Trailer For Another Life

Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s Another Life will hit screens in two weeks. This sci-fi thriller just dropped its first full-length trailer and looks tense. We also have a idea of where, exactly, this series is going.

Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) plays Niko Breckenridge. She and the young crew of the space exploration ship, Solvare, seek out an alien civilization that deposited a mysterious structure on Earth. This trip may very well be a one-way mission. One of the members, Ian Yerxa (Tyler Hoechlin) lost his command post of the ship to Breckenridge. So that’ll give us some drama, I’m sure.

Rounding out the space crew is William (Samuel Anderson), the ship’s holographic A.I., Breckenridge’s second-in-command Cas Isakovic (Elizabeth Faith Ludlow), and the brutally honest communications officer Michelle Vargas (Jessica Camacho).

Meanwhile, on Earth, Niko’s husband Erik (Justin Chatwin) tries to figure out the purpose of the structure with the United States Interstellar Command. Harper Glass (Selma Blair) an influencer is trying to break one of the biggest stories of all time.

The series was created by Aaron Martin (Killjoys) and definitely brings some tense moments in the trailer. Then, of course, we have to ask… what do the aliens even want?

Is it war?

Check out the trailer below.

Another Life debuts on Netflix on July 25th.

Bec Heim