Jurassic Park: Spider-Man Awakens? Tom Holland Wants To Fight Dinosaurs In Far From Home Sequel

Credit: Marvel

Spider-Man and dinosaurs?! For fans of the comic series, that isn’t such a stretch but for fans of the MCU who haven’t read a comic book, like me, dinosaurs and Spider-Man seem like a pretty far out idea. Granted, the multi-verse theory is about to be explored in Spider-Man: Far From Home and if it’s explored properly, maybe there is a verse somewhere with dinosaurs in it. We have different planets in the galaxy inhabited in the MCU, so, maybe, who knows.

Either way, Tom Holland, our titular Spider-Man, spoke to Digital Spy during a press run and he said that he wouldn’t mind fighting dinosaurs. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind it either, but that’s another story.

Holland said, “There is a Spider-Man comic where he’s fighting Doc Ock in a private plane and he falls out of the plane into a jungle and then there’s dinosaurs in the jungle and stuff.”

He went on to say, “That’s what James Cameron’s Spider-Man was going to be about. He wrote a Spider-Man script and it was about Spider-Man fighting dinosaurs I think. It’d be like Jurassic Park: Spider-Man Awakening or something like that.”

Things I did not know until this interview: James Cameron wrote a Spider-Man script. Is that like Nicholas Cage’s Superman movie? Either way, that would’ve been interesting to see.

While the new MCU slate of movies hasn’t been announced yet, Holland and co-stars Zendaya and Jacob Batalon are holding out hope that there will be a Far From Home sequel in the next phase of movies. However, one thing’s for sure, as Zendaya mentioned, no one comes up with ideas like director Jon Watts.

Batalon chimed in, “Makes you feel inadequate sometimes.”

In the interview, the trio also commented on the “dark Ned” fan theory that’s circulating the web. In the comics, Ned famously turns evil and becomes the Hobgoblin, like in Sam Rami’s Spider-Man trilogy. While we’re still a long way off from that, it could potentially happen, and Batalon wants it to.

“I’ve been saying since 2016 that I want to be a villain,” Batalon said. “I want to do villainous stuff and have us fight each other and punch each other in the face in real life.”

But, Holland quipped back, “I don’t think Peter could fight you.”

Which is probably true. Ned and Peter’s friendship is the only thing that got me through Spider-Man: Homecoming so I think there’d be some fans who would be pleased with the development and some who wouldn’t be. I’d be in the latter camp.

Zendaya, Batalon, and Holland are currently promoting Spider-Man: Far From Home which will be released on Tuesday.

Shelby Arnold
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