Joe Keery On Steve The Hero And Robin’s Big Secret In Stranger Things 3

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Stranger Things released its third season yesterday. We’re still feeling all of the emotions.

But if you’re the kind of watcher who likes to take their time, then be warned SPOILERS will be discussed.

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In the season, we see our fave with the poof hair Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) get to come into his own. From actually winning a fight to being the best bro you would need to come out to, Steve was an ace through it all.

Talking with Entertainment Weekly, Keery talked about his and Maya Hawke’s chemistry, more screentime with Gaten Matarazzo, and Steve getting his own heroic moments.

On the unexpected bromance between Steve and Dustin (Matarazzo) that no one expected, but everyone adores, Keery had nothing but compliments for his younger co-star.

“I was so, so pumped to work with Gaten. He is just so professional. He has a profound amount of talent. For somebody his age, he has such a brilliant work ethic and is just also so humble about the whole thing. You give him two takes, and he can just nail anything you give him. And then along with Maya as well, and Priyah [Ferguson, who plays Erica]. I felt so blessed.”

One of the most talked about moments in season three was when new character Robin (Hawke) informed Steve that she’s gay. Steve, showcasing his growth from where he was in season one, took it in stride and gently teased her about the girl she was crushing on. Keery also felt it really showcased how Steve grew during these three seasons.

“[T]hat scene might be one of my favorites of the entire season to shoot, just because they handled shooting it with such tenderness. The whole flip in the scene is that I’m making this confessional, and I’m shedding the skin for Robin and bearing my heart on my sleeve. And then she does the same for me. And to see it handled with such acceptance on both parts, it’s just a real beautiful friendship moment and definitely a growing moment for my character because it’s continuing on the path of learning to be a little bit less of a narcissist. He started out as such a selfish guy. Slowly and surely it seems like he’s growing up and yeah, learning to put other people before himself.”

Another thing that fans were thrilled about was how Steve finally won a fight after two seasons of just getting wrecked. Keery was excited about the stunt work that he got to do and enjoyed himself.

“I really love that stuff. It’s a challenge, and it’s a different skill set, but there’s something about it that for me is really immersive. If you’re doing that stuff, it’s really easy to forget that you’re acting on the show. You just forget that you’re on set acting. It just feels very real. All those sequences in [episodes] five and six, I thoroughly enjoyed.”

As for what would happen in season four, Keery played that close to the vest.

“I don’t know any details necessarily, and I’m not really allowed to say anything. But I do know what my hopes and aspirations for it are and there are conversations going on. They do leave it in a way where I do think that there are more stories to be told.”

Stranger Things season three is out on Netflix.

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