It’s Mack Vs. Sarge In Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s “Toldja”

Credit: Mitch Haaseth/ABC

FitzSimmons and Enoch have escaped the Chronicoms only to end up right back on the planet Kitson where Enoch promptly loses their transportation disc. He tries to sneak them out but they’re quickly captured by Mr. Kitson himself. Fitz and Enoch did cheat last time they were there, after all. All attempts to talk their way out of being killed fall on deaf ears and so Fitz and Simmons are strapped into guillotines along with another thief. Each of them has to hold a chain attached to the blade to prevent their decapitation. 

Just as it’s not looking hopeful for our favorite couple, a woman threatens Kitson with a knife. She wants Fitz and Simmons and is willing to pay for them. Kitson agrees, pressing a button so the thief dies. This woman is named Izel. She purchases Enoch as well and tells them she needs their help back on Earth. That’s fortunate. Fitz takes them back to his last ship where, with Izel’s help, they’re able to threaten the crew into handing it over. His mission complete, Enoch decides to set out to find a new home for the Chronicoms. He says a stoic goodbye to Fitz and gives him a communicator, just in case.

May returns to the Lighthouse with Sarge in tow. All of S.H.I.E.L.D. is rightly taken aback by the bad guy with Coulson’s face. Sarge tells Mack that by the end of the day, he’ll be the one in charge because otherwise, everyone is going to die. In talking again with Jaco, Yo-Yo learns that he came from a big family of bakers and his entire world was destroyed but Sarge saved him. In return, Jaco is unflinchingly loyal – so much so that he won’t accept any medical treatment for his sudden cough unless Sarge is set free. 

Deke and Daisy reconnect, or rather, Deke fails at impressing her with tales of his startup, money, and vintage Air Jordans, probably because he thinks “Jordan” invented shoes. When he asks about her space adventures, Daisy sums it up by saying they found Fitz, which is news to Deke. He obviously didn’t know his grandad had even died and now he’s pissed. Deke yells at Mack, insisting that he would’ve gone on the mission to find Fitz had he known. Mack agrees that he can go next time and then flatters Deke into helping with some of their tech needs.

Almost immediately he’s able to locate two more Shrike. May and Yo-Yo head out and easily capture them. Jaco’s cough turns into him breathing fire, clearly an escape plan hatched by Sarge, but thankfully Daisy is there to quake Jaco down. After Mack sprays him with a fire extinguisher, the Director is feeling pretty good. They’ve got all their baddies still in custody and bagged two Shrike, but when he tells Sarge this news, the other man isn’t impressed. Here’s why.

As soon as the two Shrike are together in a containment cell on the Zephyr, they start shaking and screaming. Then the crystals start exploding out of them, killing one agent. Sarge says everyone on the Zephyr will die unless Mack promises to give him his crew and truck. There’s really no choice. Mack agrees and Sarge says the Shrike can’t stand the cold. May is able to open the hatch and the cold causes the crystals to freeze and break before they can kill anyone else. It’s a minor victory and Mack knows it. Sarge warns that there are more Shrike on Earth and their creator is coming. Once again, there’s no choice. Mack puts Sarge in charge.

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