Is Sarge Actually Coulson? Daisy Figures Out The Truth Agents Of SHIELD’s “From the Ashes”

Credit: Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Team Fitzsimmons are working on figuring Izel’s powers and abilities but they’re getting nowhere. May’s attempts at interrogating Sarge are clouded by her belief that his memories are of them. For his part, Sarge doesn’t accept this, slamming his hand on the metal table and saying, “I’m not the cure for your loneliness.” His hand leaves a palm-sized dent in the table. Daisy tries to convince May that Sarge is not Coulson but May won’t hear it. The two women disagree about whether Sarge should tap into the power that Izel said is dormant inside him. Daisy is in favor and tries to goad him into using it but he refuses. 

When she goes back to Fitzsimmons for an update, they report that Sarge’s sword is indeed capable of killing Izel and they should be able to reverse engineer more weapons from it. But a frustrated Daisy wants a solution to the body snatchers issue first. Simmons gently confronts Daisy about her penchant for running away when faced with major life issues such as getting her powers or losing Lincoln. Now that Daisy is staring into Coulson’s face, she can’t run away from the fact that he died. Daisy takes this to heart and finally reads Coulson’s letter to her.

Whatever he wrote spurs her to return to Sarge more calmly… and then quake him in the face. She waits to see what happens when he recovers as she wants to know what he is and if he’s truly strong enough to kill Izel. She gets her answer. Sarge wakes with his powers turned on, smacks Daisy across the room, and tears the door off of the room. In hot pursuit, Daisy stops off to grab the sword, reasoning that if Sarge and Izel are the same, it can kill him too. Fitzsimmons try to dissuade her but she responds, “Coulson died a year ago. I’m done pretending like that didn’t happen.” She even tells May she needs to go alone because May still think Sarge might be Coulson. 

When Daisy catches up, Sarge eggs her on to kill him and in the process, calls her “Skye.” Daisy pauses. She realizes he’s trying to sacrifice himself so he doesn’t somehow help Izel and that’s exactly how Coulson would’ve responded too. The sword drops to the ground. Daisy hugs Sarge and he calms. She’s accepted that some part of Coulson lives in him. In other good news, Team Fitzsimmons realize disrupting certain frequencies can prevent Izel from body swapping.

On the Helicarrier, Yo-Yo wakes as herself and tends to an injured Mack. They’re alone as Izel is busy trying to find a specific temple where she can open the gravitonium. According to Yo-Yo, only Benson knows where that is, information which Izel finds interesting. She’s in Mack after all and now she’d like to meet Benson. He’s brought on board and is just about to reveal the temple location when Yo-Yo is able to signal that Mack is not Mack. When Izel realizes this, she kills Benson’s aid, though the doctor says he still won’t help her. 

To persuade Benson to her side, Izel opens the gravitonium device so he will have to face his worst fear. A specter of his deceased husband appears and claims to know Benson is responsible for his death because he was driving drunk. Crushed by this confrontation, Benson agrees to help Izel so he won’t have to face his husband again and again. He gives her the coordinates. Yo-Yo and Mack are able to trick Izel long enough to send Benson away safely in a containment unit so he can tell the rest of the team where they are. 

And where they are is a temple in the Yucatan. Izel opens the gravitonium again and says Yo-Yo and Mack will help her recreate the monoliths. How? Apparently by pulling Flint, the Inhuman from the future with the rock powers, into their present because he’s suddenly there in the temple with them.

Field Notes

In the kicker, the Chronicoms are back and mutiny is afoot. The bounty hunters kill Atarah so they can focus on conquering a new world to use as a home from the remaining and new Chronicoms.

Daisy: “Please just tell me how to prevent her from wearing a body like a sock puppet.”

Stephanie Coats