Idris Elba’s New Song for Hobbs And Shaw “Even If I Die” Slaps

Credit: Universal Pictures

Hobbs & Shaw drifts into theaters on August 1 just to prove that the Fast and Furious franchise will never die. The one good thing about the new film is it is chock full of action stars including Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, Idris Elba, and Vanessa Kirby. It also employs Dame Helen Mirren because that’s just where we’re at at this point in the franchise’s life.

Despite the Fast and  Furious franchise never dying, one thing is for certain, for better or worse, Hobbs & Shaw looks like it will be about as bonkers as it will be good. It’s a strange thing to see franchises or spin-offs doing better as it goes on, but for some reason, Universal let it go and it’s now one of the better franchises Hollywood is producing right now. Which is great, because like I’ve said, Hobbs & Shaw looks to be the perfect ending summer movie.

The premise is simple: Lawman Hobbs (Johnson) and criminal Shaw (Statham) butt heads when they’re teamed up to take on “the black Superman” Brixton (Elba), a cybernetically enhanced human that threatens the future of humanity. Kirby plays Hattie, Hobbs’ new love interest and Mirren plays a character named Queenie. I’ll be honest and say I’ve not been keeping up with trailers because this is one of those films I want to go into knowing very little about it. It makes it more fun that way.

I did break my rule, though, to listen to the new song Elba released for the film. “Even in Death” is inspired by Elba’s character Brixton a character who is charming and lethal.

It’s no secret that Elba has created music for years. In fact, he even performed at Coachella under the moniker Big Driis. This is the first song of his I’ve listened to and even though the song released is a remix of Elba’s song, it’s still great. (The remix is by British group Hybrid. Elba’s original song is a bonus track on the soundtrack.)

“People know that I DJ and I make music and all that, but the hybrid of being able to put something that I’ve made specifically for a movie I’m in is new territory for me,” Elba told Entertainment Weekly at a set visit in January.

New territory or not, it’s a great song and I hope to hear more of his music in the future. Is there really nothing he can’t do?

You can listen to the song below. The Hobbs & Shaw soundtrack will release tomorrow, July 26th.

Shelby Arnold
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