Hulu’s Looking For Alaska Drops First Teaser

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John Green’s first novel Looking for Alaska is finally coming to the screen after spending the last fourteen years in development hell. Josh Schwartz, Gossip Girl co-creator and executive producer of Alaska, started working on the feature script with Paramount Pictures and has seen it through to Hulu where the eight-part series will debut October 18th.

“I was sent the book 14 years ago when it was an unpublished manuscript by a then, unknown, author named John Green,” Schwartz recently said at the TCA’s. “Even though it was based on John’s experience, it resonated with me. It’s been a journey, I started writing it as a feature at Paramount, there were many different drafts for many different executives. I felt it was never going to get made. They almost made it without me, but I couldn’t move on so when the opportunity came to revisit it as a limited series, I approached John, who was frustrated by the feature experience, but the limited series can offer audiences a more immersive experience, where you spend eight hours with these characters rather than two hours.”

Looking for Alaska is told through the eyes of Miles “Pudge” Halter (Charlie Plummer) as he spends a summer with his friends Alaska Young (Kristine Froseth), Chip “The Colonel” Martin (Denny Love), and Takumi (Jay Lee). The four are inseparable and are searching for something in “the wilderness of their adolescence.” Of course, Pudge and Alaska are an item, as is obvious in the above picture and in the new teaser released by Hulu. However, when tragedy strikes, Pudge and his friends come of age and try to figure out how it happened and why.

According to Schwartz, the adaptation is going to be “incredibly faithful” to the book and while the novel was written in Pudge’s point of view and is very heavy on the male gaze, Alaska will still have a large influence and a will be a fully embodied character who is more than a mystery.

Froseth said, “We made sure she felt human, a regular teenager and added in a lot of private moments that help show that.”

You can watch the teaser below. It has a nice, indie, acoustic vibe to it and it is definitely going on my to-watch list even though I haven’t read the book.

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