Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance Will Get A Superpower In Legends of Tomorrow Season 5

Credit: Tumblr

Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) has been through a lot over her years within the Arrowverse: faked her death, trained as an assassin, became a vigilante, died for real, was resurrected, recruited to a time traveling band of misfits, became Captain of said time traveling misfits, got possessed, turned into a giant Beebo, and had to face an IKEA hellscape with her girlfriend (Jes Macallan).

That’s just a small sliver of what the character has been through.

Now, according to Lotz in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, we bridge a final frontier: Sara’s getting a superpower. Well, kind of, it doesn’t sound like it will be…good for her.

“Sara will get a magical illness, which will turn into a superpower. She’ll learn how to make it a superhero power, which won’t necessarily be a good thing. It’s going to come with its challenges for sure.”

Nothing ever comes easy for poor Sara, but Lotz is excited about it.

“It’s something where it’s kind of an illness and she’s going to learn how to turn it into something positive, which I think is really cool — taking a setback, something that’s difficult and challenging, and being able to kind of create alchemy with that and turn it into a positive. I think the negative part of the power [will affect] her personal life [more].”

More important than Sara’s new power, at least to Avalance fans, is that Sara’s girlfriend Ava (Macallan) will be a full-time Legend since the Time Bureau closed its door in the season four finale. Ava and Sara have to navigate this new arrangement.

EP Keto Shimizu said, “Part of her character is figuring out how she fits on the Waverider. We have some great stories with her, and we’ll continue to watch her evolution. She’s a character we love so much.”

Legends of Tomorrow will premiere season five in midseason 2020.

Bec Heim