We Get A Look At Mandy Moore, Darren Criss, Nick Jonas In First Midway Pics And Trailer

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There is just something about a period drama from the second world war era. It could be the fashion, it could be the Hollywood romanticism associated with the time or that these catastrophic few years in the middle of last century has result in a plethora of stories that need to be told so we do not forget. Plus if done right, you can start choosing your award season garb.

Next up is the latest from Independence Day’s director Roland Emmerich with Midway. The film centres on the Battle of Midway, which took place at the beginning of June in 1942 and was a decisive American naval victory in the Pacific Theatre of World War II. Not only that, it also explores the following dramatic six months after the infamous Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Not only is the film’s subject matter epic, but so is its cast. Woody Harrelson and Dennis Quaid are the cast elders as Navy admirals Chester Nimitz and William “Bull” Halsey respectively. They are supported by Ed Skrein (Dick Best), Luke Evans (Wade McClusky), Darren Criss (Eugene Lindsey), Aaron Eckhart (Jimmy Doolittle), and Nick Jonas (Bruno Gaido), with Mandy Moore as Best’s wife Ann.

While the main plot of the film concerns the dive-bombing Best and his fellow Navy pilots along with Admiral Halsey on board the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier, there are two other subplots. The first focuses on the codebreaking work headed by Admiral Nimitz and intelligence officer Edwin Layton (Patrick Wilson). The second is set in Japan and looks at the planning behind the attack at Midway Atoll.

Yesterday we got our first look at the film with a series of stills released via USA Today. Check out the gallery below.

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We were also treated to our first trailer this morning, and we are far from disappointed in what we’re seeing. The scale, the action, the drama is everything we would expect from Emmerich and this stand-out cast.

Midway is in cinemas November 8

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