Return Of The Clones: Orphan Black Is Back

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Gather round, sestras. The triumphant return of Orphan Black is nigh! Kinda…

Variety has confirmed that Emmy award winner Tatiana Maslany will return to her clone roots, but maybe not the way we imagined. Before you start clearing space on your DVR, Orphan Black: The Next Chapter will be available through Serial Box, a relatively new digital fiction website.

The Next Chapter will bring us ten brand new episodes of Orphan Black, set eight years in the future and after the events of the season five finale. You can expect your favorites to return but they have not released an official cast of characters. What has been confirmed is that Maslany will be the voice of the returning Leda clones. Though we have no plot details as of yet, Temple Street Productions and Serial Box have said that #Cophine (Delphine and Cosima) will play a major role.

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When we last saw Cophine they were inoculating Leda clones against the deadly respiratory disease that nearly killed Cosima for like three whole years. So, does the story pick up after Delphine and Cosima’s world wide vaccination getaway ends? I don’t know. Eight years later means Helena’s twins are second graders now. Did they inherit their mother’s appetite? That too remains to be seen.

According to Variety, Orphan Black: The Next Chapter will be helmed by showrunner Malka Older, with writers Mishell Baker, Lindsay Smith, Heli Kennedy, Madeline Ashby and E.C. Myers.

Serial Box will deliver The Next Chapter in audiobook and text formats, with each new episode or chapter delivered weekly. Serial Box’s serialized stories typically run for ten to sixteen weeks, per season. Seeing as this would be a new subscription for many of us, the good news is that the first episode will be free. After that, you can pick up each new episode for $1.99 or buy a season pass for around $13.99.

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What do you think #CloneClub? Is there still a space in your heart for the sestras? Let us know in the comments.