Queer Eye Announces Season 4 Premiere And Season 5 Renewal

Credit: Netflix

Queer Eye has been driving us to our tissue boxes for the past three seasons with its positive message and the ever uplifting Fab 5.

Season three saw the group head to Kansas City, MI and they’ll be there for season four as well.

That’s right! Netflix announced that Queer Eye has been renewed for a fifth season. Production for it will begin this season in Philadelphia for a 2020 release.

As for season four, we’ll be seeing that drop sooner rather than later. Released on Queer Eye‘s Instagram, we learned that the “make better” show will drop its season in a month, July 19th. You can see a nod to season five in there as well.

(Do not adjust your screens and get the holy water. It’s Gritty! The Philadelphia Flyers’ mascot and Internet meme. He’s here to stare at your cold dead soul.)

You can check out the announcement below.

We’re more than happy to have more of Queer Eye in our lives. Here’s hoping that it scores more Emmy nods in the upcoming months.

Queer Eye season four will debut on July 19th.

Bec Heim