New Legion Teasers Warn That David is Not the Hero, But Can He Find Redemption?

Credit: FX

FX is playing with the viewer’s minds in the newest batch of promotional teasers for the third, and final, season of X-Men adjacent show Legion.

In the trailer which was released on June 3rd, we see David (Dan Stevens) in a yellow room, dressed like a guru–he is the leader of a wickedly debauched sex cult–and attempting to lead a mediating session. As we’ve seen in the official trailer for the show, all David appears to want is to open the minds of his followers and help them.

Series baddie Amahl Farouk (Navid Negahban), however, has twisted the minds and perceptions of the Summerland crew. As a result, during the 31-second clip, Kerry and Cary tell the viewers that anything David does will “only end in pain.”

In another short trailer, released yesterday, David is back in his hippie clothes and is back in the yellow room, once again leading a meditation exercise. Underneath his calm and almost monotone demeanor, David’s former lover Syd (Rachel Keller) warns the viewers that David is “not the hero”.

This comes as no surprise. Syd was manipulated by David at the end of season two. It was Farouk who made the manipulation magnify by tenfold. As a result, the Summerland crew, David’s friends, all turned on him, forcing David to escape.

Speaking to earlier this year at the TCAs, Keller said that Syd is the hero of this season, not David. She also revealed that Syd is working with Farouk.

“Well, we leave her where you know this unconditional love that she had for David was kind of put into question because of his actions,” Keller said. “And then they separate and time has passed so she’s been reflecting and kind of growing and training with Farouk. Learning more about her mind and how she could confront him. And she wants to confront him for the world and for herself. So it’s sort of the journey of her trying, making decisions, making the steps, taking action, you know taking five steps back, ten steps forward…We sort of see her on this little exploration of herself and of this love that she had with David.”

In a brand new first look video released today on YouTube, the cast and Noah Hawley discuss the new season and the challenges the Summerland/D3 crew face. Joining the cast this season is Lauren Tsai as mutant Switch. Switch plays an important role in the season as David is on a journey to, as star Dan Stevens says, “unpick the whole mess of his life if he can.”

The only way to do that is to go back in time, which is Switch’s mutation.

Hawley, who created the show, also confirms that, in addition to being schizophrenic, David has a narcissistic personality disorder which is why he creates the cult, called the Enlightenment House, in the first place. So he can be surrounded by “acolytes…who love him unconditionally.”

You can watch the full first look clip below. Legion premieres on FX on June 24th.

Shelby Arnold
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