Netflix Picks Up Jessica Chastain And Jake Gyllenhaal’s The Division

Credit: Ubisoft

Three years after Ubisoft’s initial announcement that Tom Clancy’s The Division would be made into a movie, Ubisoft announced at E3 that Netflix has picked up the film. The announcement was Monday evening at an event that gave fans a glimpse of new The Division 2 content. The sequel video game was released in March of this year and is receiving an expansion.

The Division is set in a dystopian New York after a smallpox epidemic was released on Black Friday via paper money. Nicknamed the “green poison,” the epidemic decimates New York and kills millions of people. From the ashes comes a division–hence the name–of civilians who are trained to act in catastrophic times. The Division’s purpose is to find who is responsible for the outbreak and to protect those who still remain. However, traitorous military personnel makes that purpose difficult for the Division agents.

Jake Gyllenhaal has been attached to the project since the first announcement. Jessica Chastain joined him later. Gyllenhaal and Chastain’s respective production companies are producing the film. David Leicht, director of Deadpool 2 and Hobbs and Shaw, has been brought on to direct. His production company 87North Productions is also producing. Also joining the film is Rafe Judkins who will write the script.

Not much is known about the film. More information will be released at a later time. Unless Netflix opts to keep the production under wraps, as is becoming the norm recently.

The Division became the fastest selling video game in history when it was released in 2016. The game currently has 20 million players. The game is an open-world online third-person shooter and will be Tom Clancy’s first movie not based on one of his books. It also marks the return of video game based movie adaptations. Yes, we had Tomb Raider which was released in 2018, but the film wasn’t based on any one game in the long-running franchise.

This movie will also mark Gyllenhaal’s return to video game adaptation. Gyllenhaal starred in 2010’s Prince of Persia adaptation. While the film was panned and his performance was as well, I thought the movie was great and I can’t wait to see him in this film.

4YE will keep you apprised of future developments on the film as they are released.

Shelby Arnold
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