Netflix Nabs The Rights To Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Directorial Debut Tick, Tick…BOOM!

Credit: WENN

Lin-Manuel Miranda has worn many hats over his career: writer, lyricist, musician, actor. In his latest project, however, he’ll be wearing a new hat: director.

As we reported last year, Lin-Manuel Miranda will be making his directorial debut with Tick, Tick…BOOM! 

According to Variety, Netflix has acquired the film rights to Miranda’s project. Apparently, it was quite the heated bidding war as well. That makes sense, it seems that everyone wants a piece of the Hamilton creator these days.

Currently, there’s no actors attached to the project. Though insiders say that Andrew Garfield is the top choice to star in the film.

The musical comes from a stage show by Jonathan Larson (RENT), who gets semi-autobiographical. It follows Jon, an aspiring theater composer who is struggling to make his big break in the business. His girlfriend Susan wants him to find new work as she is tired of putting her life on hold for his aspirations. Jon’s best friend and roommate Michael has given up on his own creative ambitions, got a high priced job, and is preparing to move out. As his 30th birthday approaches, Jonathan wrestles with his own inner doubts and anxieties over pursuing his dreams.

The show will be adapted to script by Steven Levenson (Dear Evan Hanson) with Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, and Julie Oh of Imagine Entertainment producing with Miranda. Julie Larson, the late Larson’s sister, and Levenson will executive produce.

There’s currently no release date for Tick, Tick…BOOM!

Bec Heim