NBC Develops Adaptation Of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol

Credit: Doubleday

Ever since The Davinci Code hit theaters back in 2006, we tried to solve all kinds of riddles ourselves and tried to figure out the meaning behind any kind of symbol that we saw. The last time we tried to solve puzzles along Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) on screen was only three years ago in 2016 when Inferno premiered. Though, Dan Brown’s latest book Origin was published in 2017.

Sadly, it has been quite a while since we’ve got to go on an adventure with Robert Langdon.

This could all change very soon!

Deadline exclusively reported that NBC is developing a new show for its 2019/2020 season called Langdon.

Rather than basing Langdon on The Da Vinci Code, the show will be based on The Lost Symbol, the third installment of Dan Brown’s series, after Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code. Despite it being the third book of the series, Langdon will be a prequel to the movie and thus, set years before the events of the three movies, according to the news report.

This also means that we won’t be seeing Tom Hanks return as Robert Langdon, who has played the Harvard professor in all three movies. Instead, we will get to know a younger version of Robert Langdon.

In the series, the Harvard professor “finds himself pulled into a series of deadly puzzles when his mentor is kidnapped. The CIA forces him onto a task force where he uncovers a chilling conspiracy.“

Having read the book, it only seems to be logical that the show will be set in Washington, D.C. and the conspiracy will be about the Freemasons.

Daniel Cerone (The Blacklist, Dexter) is set to write and executive-produce the project. He will be joined by Ron Howard, who also directed the three movies that starred Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon, who will also serve as an executive producer, as well as the author Dan Brown.

It definitely sounds like a thrilling show is being developed and I am already quite excited to watch it. Even though, it is not clear yet when and if the show will premier. We at 4YE will definitely keep you updated on everything regarding Langdon!

Anna Hattingen