Mindy Kaling Says Marvel Is “Interested” In Developing A Project With Kamala Khan A.K.A. Ms. Marvel

Credit: Marvel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made strides in diversifying its film and television slate. However, there is always room for improvement, especially with the success of films like Captain Marvel and Black Panther.

One hero that many fans would love to see is Kamala Khan, currently Ms. Marvel in the comics.

Kamala is a young Pakistani-American Muslim woman whose inhuman abilities on shape and size shifting were awaken. Since her solo series launched in 2014, she’s been a beloved and celebrated addition to Marvel. Many fans have been hoping that she would make her live-action debut in the future. (Currently, she’s been seen in Marvel animated series and select video games.)

According to actress, director, writer, and noted Ms. Marvel fan Mindy Kaling, it is a project that Marvel is interested in pursuing.

In an interview for her latest movie Late Night, Kaling shared with MTV News, “I think the people I’ve spoken to at Marvel about it are so excited about the character and I think that they’re trying to figure out what to do with it, and I told them I would help in any way because I truly love her. They really seemed interested, and I think they will probably do something. Now that there’s like this streaming platform with them, it might be something like that, but I think they understand how much excitement there is.”

While the project is being talked about, it doesn’t mean anything is happening. Kaling had to clarify this on Twitter saying she has “no information about any tv or film adaptation”.


Needless to say, there are a lot of talented people interested in seeing a Ms. Marvel movie being made. We here at 4YE would also love to see it being made.

C’mon Marvel. Make something. TV or film, we don’t care! Give us live-action Kamala!

Bec Heim