“Inescapable”, That’s What Fitz And Simmons Are On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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When Fitz died at the end of season 5, the fandom waited to see how his past self and Simmons would reunite yet again. We finally got that for real in this episode. They awaken in a white room and hug one another in relief. Altarah appears to explain about the destruction of her planet and FitzSimmons must figure out time travel. Fitz balks that it’s impossible but Simmons is proof to the contrary. Once Altarah departs, he wastes no time in proposing for the second time, although he doesn’t know that, and Simmons accepts. I suppose she’s technically not still married to him, but it’s a bit weird to get engaged to your husband again.

Since they’re in a mind prison, everything they think about and every memory is accessible and can manifest. At first, they use this to conjure up afternoon tea and swap stories about traversing the universe. What Fitz really wants to hear about is the future but Simmons is pretty mum on the topic. Frustrated and confused, Fitz starts arguing about her silence and Simmons’ response is to revert to her seven-year-old self and run away to her bedroom, which is accessible through a tunnel that appeared in the room. By following her, Fitz learns she keeps all her worries trapped in her music box.

There’s no time for childhood memories though and Fitz soon drags her back to the white room. They argue again because, in her current state, Simmons can’t help solve anything. It’s only when Fitz teases thinking up AIDA to help him that adult Simmons reappears to yell at him. In doing so, another memory starts to play out, the one she most didn’t want Fitz to see. He walks through a door where the team is gathered around his dead body. Simmons explains how he died and why and then, when Fitz sees his wedding ring, she has to tell him they got married too. Just when things seem like they can’t get worse, Coulson hobbles in and Fitz learns that he’s dead too.

Trying to escape the deluge of information, Fitz runs into their memories from college, where they were even more adorable. Worried about his mental state, Simmons tries to calm him down, eventually saying she knows his “Doctor” persona from the Framework is still talking to him. In fact, the Doctor is coming for them now. They escape back into Simmons’ childhood room and this time the music box falls open. A zombie woman with a bone knife comes out and attacks. They somehow think themselves back to HQ and then back to their interview with Coulson to join his team. Simmons was on board immediately but Fitz needed a push and that resentment is still affecting them.

But before they can work through it, the zombie attacks and ties up Fitz. The Doctor lures Simmons into a trap and forces her into a machine to wipe her mind. As FitzSimmons are being tortured by one another’s nightmares they remember that not only are they sharing a mind, they can think up their friends to help them. Suddenly, Daisy is there to save Simmons and Mack rescues Fitz.

The couple escapes again, this time to a containment unit where they launch into an epic and hilarious shouting match. They yell about everything that’s been left unresolved. The constant obstacles to their relationships, the multiple times fate has separated them, their deeply buried personal issues, Will, AIDA, and even Fitz’s unrestrained need to build things simply to see if he can and Simmons’ savior complex when it comes to Fitz. And this all leads us, predictably but poignantly, to the last time these two were trapped in a box somewhere, which was the bottom of the ocean. The room starts filling with water as their shouting reaches a climax. They holler promises to always save one another and then how much they love each other.

The water stops. FitzSimmons realize they have to face their nightmares outside but when they emerge, the Doctor and the zombie are creepily going at it. No need to do anything else. Fitz and Simmons return to the white room and recommit to one another. Fitz puts on his wedding ring, which Simmons had been wearing on a necklace.

They also decide not to mess with time anymore and tell Altarah as much when she appears. Apparently, they’ve only been arguing and stomping through memories and nightmares for five minutes. If they refuse to help, Altarah says they’ll be separately imprisoned but her threat is cut short. Worried about FitzSimmons’ brains being damaged by the mind prison, Enoch took out the other Chronicoms. He brings them out of the prison and transports them away just as Simmons drops the last truth bomb: Fitz is a grandfather.

At the Lighthouse, Daisy has updated Mack on where she left FitzSimmons. She wants to get back out in space to rescue them but he needs her there. The ones responsible for the destruction of the Chronicoms planet are in town.


Field Notes

I’ve been a bit bored with this season and have felt like things are moving slowly. This episode didn’t do much to advance the plot but it was finally a good way to slow things down. Fitz and Simmons have never had time or space to fight out their traumas and issues and resentments. It was nice, and very funny, to watch them do so.

Fitz: “You need some therapy! You have some deep, deep, pent up issues!”
Simmons: “It’s been a rough year!”  

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