Here’s How Many Episodes Lucifer’s Final Season Will Have

Credit: Netflix

Lucifer is heading into the end times, so to speak.

The cult favorite show, which launched a massively successful fan campaign to save it after Fox axed it in 2018, will air its fifth and final season on Netflix. It’s good that the show is ending on its own terms, especially after how good season four was.

Of course, the question on fans’ minds is how many episodes will make the final season?

The answer came from co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich on Twitter.

Like season four, the show will end with a final 10 episodes. That brings the total to 77 episodes when the show ends. That is a more than respectable run.

The season four finale saw Lucifer (Tom Ellis) return to Hell in order to stop demons from possessing corpses and kidnapping his nephew. While Chole (Lauren German) confessed her love to him and vice versa, it looks to be that’s where Lucifer remains going into season five.

It looks like we need to save Lucifer from Hell.

Lucifer seasons one through four are available on Netflix.

Bec Heim