Disney And Fox Hire Taika Waititi To “Crack” Flash Gordon Animated Film

Credit: Christine Chew/UPI

Taika Waititi’s endless pile of work continues to grow with this latest add on.

According to Deadline, the newly merged Fox-Disney have hired the writer-director-producer-actor to try and crack the long gestating Flash Gordon animated movie. It’s unknown what Waititi’s role will be in this project, which has had several stops and starts over the years.

Flash Gordon was created in 1934 as the hero of a space opera in a comic strip, which has been adapted to varying mediums with degrees of success over the years. Most music fans will recognize the album Queen did based for the 1980 movie. He’s a hero from Earth, usually an athlete, who ends up on the planet Mongo, who fights the evil ruler Ming the Merciless.

The most recent project for the character that we could find was a 2007-08 Syfy television series.

Waititi adds the project to his very busy plate. He’s wrapping post-production on the (definitely) controversial Jojo Rabbit, which focuses on a young boy who reckons his nationalistic ideals in Nazi Germany when he finds his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their attic. Waititi is playing an imaginary version of Hitler. He’s also helming the live-action version of the anime Akira for 2021

He’s also the latest person attached to the Flash Gordon project. Previously Matthew Vaughn (Kingsmen) and Julius Avery (Overlord) took cracks at it. With Disney-Fox merger, they’re looking to make the project animated over live-action.

There’s currently no release for Flash Gordon.

Bec Heim