Dead To Me Is Coming Back For A Second Season

Credit: Netflix

It’s the hot new series that everyone is talking about. The series that brought Christina Applegate back to the forefront of our attention, making us realize just how much we’d missed her. The show that had us constantly guessing about when or how Jen would find out that Judy was the one behind the wheel that killed her husband that fateful night. Yes I’m talking about Liz Feldman’s dark comedy Dead to Me and we have good news for fans of the series. Season 2 is a go!!!! And it can’t just be us that are so thankful for this news. Especially after that killer finale.

Dead to Me centres on the unlikely friendship of barely-keeping-it-together newly widowed Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini), who is also apparently widowed. The pair met at a grief counseling session and gravitate towards each through their shared experiences. However, not all is as it seems. For one, Judy is not actually widowed. Her ex-fiance Steve (James Marsden) is very much alive. And two, Judy and Steve were the ones who involved in the hit and run that killed Jen’s husband.

The season one finale had Jen discovering the truth about the incident (along with some other major plot developments, which we don’t want to spoil here for all of you just catching up on this series). The second season will follow on from this. Both Applegate and Cardellini will be returning. It is not yet known whether Marsden will be joining them.

Dead to Me is now streaming on Netflix.

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