Could David Haller Fight Thanos? Dan Stevens Thinks So

Credit: Just Jared

Dan Stevens is about to be all over the place on promotion for the third and final season of his trippy and positively mindblowing X-Men adjacent show Legion. The season premiere is just around the corner for us mortals, but on Thursday, at the ArcLight Theater in Los Angeles, FX hosted its own premiere and premiere party for the cast and crew of the show.

Stevens, looking absolutely dapper in a bright red suit jacket and silver painted fingernails, spoke to Variety about the show and if his character could take out the big purple mad titan if given a chance. Stevens said, “Legion would wreak havoc. He’d probably take on Thanos, let’s see that.”

That’s not wishful thinking, that’s just fact. As it is, even in the weird, surreal corner that Legion occupies of the canon, David Haller, whom Stevens plays, is the most powerful mutant ever. He might even be more powerful than his famous dad Charles Xavier (Harry Lloyd). Haller, who is schizophrenic and delusional with a narcissistic personality disorder, has an arsenal of powers at his fingertips. His powers include astral manipulation, reality warping, telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, and mental manipulation.

Since Disney acquired Fox properties, including Fox’s Marvel contingent, it’s been rumoured that a reboot of the X-Men franchise is on the horizon. While that won’t be for a while, we here at 4YE wouldn’t mind if Stevens and Legion joined as a villain. Maybe he should be the villain for phase 4 or 5. That’d be ace.

However, Stevens seems to think that he won’t be approached to reprise his role. “Legion occupies a very odd little corner of the Marvel universe,” he said. “I would never presume to stampede into that arena, but a weird, little cameo might not do any harm.”

No, Dan. Please stampede. We beg of you.

While we might never get a proper David Haller presence in the MCU, fans can rejoice that Legion will get a proper ending. FX hasn’t cancelled the series. Creator Noah Hawley always saw Legion as a three-act/three season story from the beginning. So, we’ll get to say good-bye properly just as Stevens and the rest of the cast and crew did as well.

Stevens seems to have loved every minute of being in the show. Maybe save for when he had to do Bollywood dance moves for an entire day with food poisoning. He told Variety, “It’s been such a creatively inspiring three years with a really uniquely weird group of people making something that is so singular and enjoyable and unashamedly psychedelic. Hopefully [the fans’] brains are tickled as with the other seasons.”

And no doubt we will.

Legion premieres on FX Monday, June 24th.

Shelby Arnold
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