Swamp Thing Showrunner Previews Body Horror And Romance In The Adaptation

Credit: DC Universe

Based on the trailers for DC Universe’s Swamp Thing, we’re to get an atmospheric television show of the highest order. One that is not afraid to cross the boundaries of horror.

Need we remind you of the body decomposing into plants? Because, let’s be real, our nightmares aren’t letting us forget it. No matter how horrifyingly beautiful it is. Then there’s Alec Holland’s (Andy Bean) transformation into the titular Swamp Thing (Derek Mears), which is going to be something.

Co-showrunner Mark Verheiden discussed how they handled bringing Swamp Thing to life with Entertainment Weekly.

“Early on, we decided we weren’t going to do a CGI Swamp Thing. We wanted a guy in that costume, to see a human being underneath, animating that suit. A big part of what we were able to accomplish was creating a suit that Derek Mears was able to perform through, so you could feel the humanity of this character as well as the horrific aspects of Swamp Thing.”

Just because he’s big, green, and made of plants, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t some romance going on. Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) is the comics love interest for the character.

“You feel the love he feels, and since such a big part of this story is the romance that burgeons between Swamp Thing and Abby Arcane, their romance/respect/interest in one another, it’s important that we have that connective feel in the suit. I’m not sure that suit would have been able to be made back when they were making earlier films. It’s so high-tech and wonderfully designed. Derek calls it the Cadillac of suits; he loved it.”

To be fair, it is pretty impressive based on what we’ve seen in promos and trailers.

On bringing the romance between Abby, whose POV centers the series, and Swamp Thing to life, they focused on the different levels of emotional connection between Abby and Alec and then Abby and Swamp Thing.

“The romance that blossoms between them is also one of mutual respect and intrigue and worlds opening up. Abby is an experienced scientific mind, a CDC professional who likes to look for the scientific answers for things, as was Alec Holland, and one thing that draws them together is that Swamp Thing’s connected to this entire new world which has horrific aspects, but also has incredibly beautiful aspects. As the season goes on, that leads to a respect and affection for one another that maybe goes beyond where Abby was with Alec Holland. But it takes time, because he’s quite a different fellow.

Swamp Thing premieres on the DC Universe streaming service on Friday, May 31st.

Bec Heim