Suburbia Can Be Just As Boring In The Fantasy World In The First Look At Pixar’s Onward

Credit: Pixar

We’re going into a suburban fantasy with Pixar’s latest offering, Onward.

The film follows two elf brothers (Chris Pratt and Tom Holland) who “go out on an adventure to see if there’s a little magic left in that world”.

Director and writer Dan Scanlon talks with PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly about the film, along with dropping some first look images.

In one we see Pratt and Holland’s characters driving around in the van named Guinevere. (Pratt will voice the elder brother, Barley, and Holland the younger, Ian.)

Credit: Pixar

On casting Holland and Pratt, who worked together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Scanlon said: “Tom Holland is perfect for our character of Ian, the younger brother. We were looking for someone who could have this shy quality and someone who is good at being a little awkward. And Tom is great at that! And yet has a genuine sweetness to him that you really root for him.”

He added that they looked for the “exact opposite” for Barley, “Someone who could be wild and chaotic and out of control, but in a very charming and infectious way. And Chris Pratt is perfect for that. He has this ability to be both sort of wild and out of control but in a really lovable, fun, infectious way.”

As for the chemistry between Holland and Pratt in the recording booth, Scanlon was delighted by it. “They’ve worked together before and hung out together. It was fun to sit back and watch them make each other laugh.”

In the second image released for the film, we see Holland’s Ian with his pet dragon and mother (Julia Louis-Dreyfus).

Credit: Pixar

The film also stars Octavia Spencer.

Onward will be released on March 6th, 2020.

Bec Heim