Shadowhunters Showrunners Reveal What Could Have Been In Season 4

Fans of Shadowhunters are still reeling from this week’s episode. Not only did Alec (Matthew Daddario) and Magnus (Harry Shum Jr) get engaged, but immediately following this, Magnus took off to Edom in order to gather enough power to close the rift in Alicante, stopping Jonathan Morgenstern’s (Luke Baines) attack, leaving poor Alec heartbroken and fearful for his lover. With the season finale upon us next week, the stakes have risen significantly for our heroes, leaving many of us wondering just what would have been the plan for season 4 before the shock cancellation of the series by Freeform.

Although it is of little comfort for fans of the series, showrunners Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer spoke to Metro revealing some of the storylines they had tossed around for the fourth season. For fans of Alec, Magnus and Jonathan, it sounds like there were some exciting times ahead, with some hints to what could have been in recent episodes.

“Dark Magnus was something we were going to lean into, and Asmodeus was going to be a huge part of season 4,” they said. “That was really exciting, and Alec would bring him back from the dark side. That was a story we loved.”

We also need a big baddie and Slavkin and Swimmer disclosed that Jonathan was excellently placed for this: “Jonathan would have been bigger and badder than ever, and the darkest part of him would come out – Luke Baines was just getting started and that’s what’s so hard, he’s so talented but there are so many more stories to tell of him.”

So far, we are liking where they were headed with this. However, they also had some big plans for a fan-favourite family. “Helen and Aline, we had huge plans for that and the Blackthorn family and the kids and the LA institute, all of that stuff was like big on the board for season four. We were super excited about that,” Slavkin and Swimmer added.

Although it seems hopeless at this stage, fans are still campaigning for the show to be saved. These plot hints will only add fire to their fervour. They have some support from the cast. Speaking to Digital Spy, Seelie Queen Kimberly-Sue Murray said she would love for a fourth season to happen. “The campaign just goes to show how much the show means to the fans and how much the fans mean to us,” she said. “It’s beautiful. We all want more of this of course, because we have such a beautiful family. Fingers crossed. But I understand that we don’t want to lead the fans on… It’s complicated and as the actors, we have very little say on whether the show continues or wraps up.”

Check out the trailer for next week’s feature-length series finale. In the meantime, if we can’t get a fourth season, at least those plot points will provide plenty of fodder for fanfic writers.

Shadowhunters airs on Monday’s on Freeform in the US. It is available through Netflix in Australia and the UK.

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