Sebastian Stan Spills Some Falcon and Winter Soldier Details

Credit: Marvel

With Disney+ set to be released in November, we are slowly getting more information about the service and its content.

One of the most anticipated shows is Falcon and Winter Soldier starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan and while not much is really know about the show itself, we can only assume it will adventures involving these two characters who have proven to have great chemistry on screen.

At a convention in Italy, Stan was asked about the series and what we can expect from it at his Q&A. It doesn’t really seem like he knows too much, but he did reveal some information for us to sink our claws into.

“I think it’s time for Bucky to go out there and have an identity outside of the circumstances that we’ve met him through,” Stan revealed.

“So, I don’t know, he might do all kinds of things. He might even go on a date. I don’t know. Scary world out there, you know? Apps, things like that. I don’t know what he’s gonna do. I can’t see him on an iPhone…I think it’s gonna be a lot of dealing with Anthony’s character and Anthony himself which is always another character.”

As a Bucky Barnes stan myself I personally cannot wait to see more of him and where he currently is since he got all of one line in Endgame.

I’m not bitter, I swear.

Stan also talked about his relationship with Mackie saying:

“I have a blast working with Anthony. It’s very funny half the time. It’s just gonna be a lot of that move your seat up thing, I’m gonna tell him that if we’re gonna be in the car, I’m gonna be in the passenger’s seat and he’s gonna be in the back, or I should be in the driver’s seat.”

I cannot wait to see the dynamic of these two characters in a television show because the little snippets we got in Civil War were truly a work of art.

The show will begin filming in October, according to Stan which will probably mean we can expect in on the streaming service sometime next year.

Here’s to hoping the show gives us a nice look at the Falcon trying to make his transition into Captain America with help from Cap’s oldest and best friend.

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