On My Block Is Renewed For A Third Season

Credit: Netflix

It’s official: Netflix has confirmed the third season of On My Block. [Insert applause and cheering.]

On April 29th, Netflix confirmed the show’s renewal on Twitter, tweeting:

On My Block is set in a Los Angeles neighborhood, which is populated with gangs and violence. The show centers on a group of teens: Monse (Sierra Capri), Cesar (Diego Tonoco), Ruby (Jason Genao), Jamal (Brett Gray), and Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia). Monse is a tomboy raised by a single dad, who develops a relationship with Cesar. Cesar complicates their relationship, and his friends’ lives overall, after he is pulled into a gang by ex-brother.


In the final two episodes of season 1, Cesar’s brother Oscar, tells Cesar that he must kill a rival gang member. Cesar is unable to follow through and frees Latrelle. The rival gang retaliates, attempting to kill Cesar. The gang member ends up shooting Ruby instead; Ruby survives, but his friend, Olivia, is also shot and dies during her quinceañera. Jamal, Ruby, and Monse are left to navigate their neighborhood – and friendship — with Cesar after he chooses to not kill a member of a different gang.

At the end of season 2, the group of friends have discovered more answers, which leaves them with more questions about how to protect Cesar and themselves.

Though there is no release date for On My Block’s third season, we do have the hope of a renewal to have some of our questions answered.