MCM LONDON 2019: Stephen Amell Talks All Things Arrow

Credit: Patricija Sidlauskaite / 4YE

The Green Arrow himself, Stephen Amell took to the stage at this weekend’s MCM Comic Con in London to talk all things Arrow, of course.

Amell started out by speaking a bit about how he got to play the iconic role of Oliver Queen. He said that it was his cousin, Robbie Amell, a fellow actor, who told him about the script. Amell had not heard of the Green Arrow before but was encouraged to audition when Robbie said he couldn’t stop picturing the other man while reading the script. “It was just about the right time and the right opportunity.”

And even now, almost eight years after being cast as the Green Arrow, Amell said he still hasn’t read many of the original DC Comics. From the start, he had planned to put his own spin on the character.

Of course, Amell was asked about the upcoming final season of Arrow, and “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” The only thing he was allowed to say that it will start way before the annual DCTV crossover – and technically it already has with the season seven finale.


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When asked about the DC cinematic universe, he stated that he really liked the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. But he also said that he isn’t a fan of the comparison between television programmes and the movies.

He believes that television has become the subject of “watercooler talk”, more so than movies, and series like Mad Men or the Sopranos have defined the medium in the past. “People ask ‘Why aren’t you involved in the movies?’ Why would we want to be? We’re doing just fine.” He personally would always pick binging a 22-episode tv series over watching a two or three-hour movie.

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