MCM London 2019: Sebastian Stan On The MCU And What He Learned From Bucky Barnes

Credit: Patricija Sidlauskaite / 4YE

The MCU celebrated its 10-year anniversary last year, and has concluded the first of many eras of the universe with Avengers: Endgame. But fret not, the MCU will continue to live on (even though some of its most beloved characters don’t) in some way, shape or form.

Bucky Barnes actor Sebastian Stan recently delighted audiences at this weekend’s MCM Comic Con London with his presence and sat down to chat all things MCU. He said that looking back at the earlier films is very nostalgic, especially the first Captain America movie.

“I look at Captain America: First Avenger or even Winter Soldier now and there are so many things I would have probably done very differently,” said Stan. “I definitely grew up a lot making these movies, and I just see places where I was nervous or uncomfortable, and how comfortable I have gotten now in terms of approaching characters.”

“This was an interesting character because he is all about the past,” Stan said about taking on the role of Bucky Barnes. “Sometimes you can’t change your past, you just have to accept it and that is really difficult. But you can’t move forward unless you accept the past. That’s the whole point of it, that you’re learning something from it. This character comes from that idea, it’s a very human thing, so for me, it was nice to explore that while doing what I love.”

He also spoke about some of the more difficult aspects of playing the role. “There were times when this character, as you know, didn’t have a lot to say, and sometimes I like that better because you get to use other ways to communicate things.”

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Speaking about Bucky’s mental health after the events of Endgame he said that Bucky is definitely getting better at dealing with his demons, but he will never leave all that happened to him behind, it doesn’t go away. “He is always going to be an interesting person to me, because that’s who we are, right? It’s all of our sides that makes us interesting, as long as we accept them. Because he’s always going to come from a place like that, he is always going to try and overcome, and that’s a very important quality to have. So there’s some hope for him.”

With Steve having given up the Captain America mantle, and Sam picking up the shield, Stan was asked whether there had been any jealousy at all that Bucky wouldn’t follow into his best friend’s shoes. “It wouldn’t make sense for Bucky Barnes to have that shield,” he said. “Captain America has a lot of responsibilities in terms of calling the shots and all that stuff. I don’t know, I kind of like to play characters that are sort of on the edge of the world, so to speak, and I wouldn’t get to do that as Captain America.” So while there wasn’t any jealousy at all, Stan admits to being shocked about the decision, because he didn’t learn about it until the day they shot it.

Unfortunately, there was no talk about the upcoming Falcon and Winter Soldier TV-series, possibly because Marvel is hell-bent on keeping all details under wraps. However, Stan did have some kind words about going forward after Endgame: “Marvel is an incredible place where somehow they’re always thinking ahead and I’m really excited about this next phase and see where they’re going to take me”.

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