MCM London 2019: Misha Collins Shares Stories From The Supernatural Set

Credit: Patricija Sidlauskaite / 4YE

Misha Collins is absolutely delightful – whodda thunk? (It’s the worst kept secret on the internet, really.) The actor joined audiences this weekend at MCM Comic Con in London and delighted them with funny anecdotes from the Supernatural set, a few teases about the new season.

He spoke a lot about the silly pranks Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and himself continue to play on each other. He said that one time he lost a bet to Padalecki and owed him a large sum of money – $1600, and he paid it all back in coins he left in his trailer. The cast also spend a lot of time trying to punch each other in the face with pies – regardless of whether they are on schedule or not.

But it’s not all fun and games – Collins announced he is planning to direct in season 15, the show’s final season, which he claims will be very difficult because his fellow cast members behave like children.

In all honesty, Collins said, the cast and crew on Supernatural are very close, after having worked together for so many years. One of his favourite moments on set was the announcement that season fifteen will be the end of the series, as everyone got together and hugged and told each other they’d be missed.

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When asked about whether Castiel would take the chance to be human again, if given a choice, Collins said that he didn’t really have a great experience the first time around, so probably no. However, it was also an opportunity for the angel to learn more about humanity and become more empathetic towards them.

Someone also asked Collins about his favourite character on the show, and he said it was the Impala, because he likes the “strong and silent type”. He’d also love to see a romance between the Impala and Castiel’s Pimpmobile – someone has clearly been reading too much fan fiction!

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