MCM LONDON 2019: David Harbour Confirms Future Stranger Things Seasons and Black Widow Role

Credit: Patricija Sidlauskaite / 4YE

When David Harbour took the stage this afternoon at MCM Comic Con in London, no one was prepared for what this panel had in store.

He briefly spoke about his stint as the titular character in this year’s Hellboy movie, for which he spent 3 hours in make up every morning before shooting. The prosthetics were a priority for the character, but getting buff was not. “I’m the dad-bod brand’, Harbour said, and while he did work on improving his strength, most of the muscles we see in the film are part of the suit he wore.

Harbour thought Hellboy was good fun, but it was a B movie made for entertainment and shouldn’t have been compared to the Guillermo del Toro version or Marvel movies. He admits the movie has some problems, and he was disappointed with some aspects he didn’t have control over, but he is proud of his performance and gave it his all.


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Of course, talk eventually circled back to what many consider Harbour’s most famous role – Hopper. He said he is very excited for the new season of Stranger Things, and that especially episode 8 will be emotional and the most moving they have ever shot. This season the kids are growing up, and Hopper will have some problems with that because he “doesn’t like the idea of his baby girl (Eleven) hanging out with boys”.

Apart from emotion season three will also have plenty of great Joyce/Hopper moments for fans to fawn over “Your thirst will be quenched”, he promised, and we will see more of Steve and Dustin’s entertaining dynamic. Harbour also teased that there are definite plans for seasons four and five, but he doesn’t know much about his own involvement yet.

Harbour, never one to hold back, also revealed another big secret: He has been cast in the new stand-alone Black Widow film and will officially be joining the MCU. He wasn’t able to confirm how many movies he has been contracted for, or which character he will be playing but here’s what he said: “I am in that movie! I am playing something entering the universe. But I can’t tell you anything about that thing. But I am excited that that thing is entering the Marvel universe, and that thing is super cool.”


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