Mark-Paul Gosselaar Is Up For A Saved By The Bell Revival

Credit: NBC

It’s been thirty years since Saved By the Bell first premiered in 1989. Cell phones are (mainly) pocket sized now. We’ve come so far.

Amidst the number of TV reboots and the generational fascination with nostalgia, Saved By the Bell hasn’t warranted much conversation at this point.

Recently, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played the infamous Zack Morris, claimed that he wasn’t against a reboot, though he would have to have a really good pitch to return.

In a recent podcast with Award Chatter, Gosselaar shared his thoughts about reboots in general, “I’m okay, I mean me personally, with never seeing a reboot ever again,” he said in conversation with Scott Feinberg. “I like original content. I really appreciate what Cobra Kai has done. I appreciate what Roseanne has done…what Fuller House has done, it’s great. 90210 now is, I heard, for Fox. But I’m okay with never seeing a reboot ever again.”

When asked if he would ever do a reboot of Saved By the Bell, he said, “Absolutely. If it was a good product that I felt wouldn’t tarnish the original product, then yeah. I’m open to hearing anything.”

Though these aren’t obvious guarantees and there is no official discussion on a Saved By the Bell reboot, I suppose it’s nice that the lead is on board for a potential conversation about it.