Lucifer Team Preview New Deckerstar Tension In Season 4

Credit: Netflix

It’s all going to Hell on Lucifer. Perhaps even literally.

The fourth season of the cult favorite TV series will drop tomorrow (May 8th) on Netflix. This is to the endless delight of fans who worked hard to save the series after Fox so cruelly cancelled it nearly a year ago.

While it’s only a 10-episode season, it’s still familiar and, perhaps, harder work for the stars. Tom Ellis (Lucifer) and Lauren German (Chloe Decker) talked with Entertainment Weekly about season four and the marathon to make it.

German said, “[Yeah,] we’re tired because there’s no commercial breaks and because the episode are a little longer and more work, more dialogue, all good things. But we joke, ‘Oh God, we’re this tired? Last year we wouldn’t have even been halfway done and we’re complaining about where we are?’ So we keep that in mind.”

Of course, the behind-the-scene changes aren’t that surprising. It even spills over to the writing. Co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich revealed that season four will bring more of the mythology element center stage.

“There’s more sort of rules about heaven and hell that come out this season more than any season, for sure.” Though she doesn’t think the change is because of the move to Netflix. It’s more of the timing. “I think that was a natural occurrence, because the characters have grown so much and you want to see them involved in higher-stakes situations.”

What fans are dying to know is about Deckerstar (the ship name between Chloe and Lucifer) and how the fallout of Chloe seeing Lucifer’s “devil face” will affect them going forward.

According to German, Chloe’s world has been definitely thrown out of whack, “This season for Chloe has been a lot of, ‘Imagine you really found out your wife, your girlfriend, your husband were the devil, or an angel, or whatever celestial being you can come up with’ — the reality of that. That’s how I tried to ground this crazy mythological show in truth, just playing the realness of what that would be like.”

More importantly, given the nature of the revelation and how important the characters are to each other, Chloe’s reaction isn’t a one and done. It’s more of a season-long process that she comes to accept.

“[T]his season in particular has been so much about Chloe struggling [with] how she feels about Lucifer, realizing what he is, and the conversations they have and the tears they share and almost sensual moments they have but don’t.”

Ellis agreed, saying that the revelation came with a cost. Could our dynamic duo’s relationship really survive the fallout of the truth?

German described it more of how “no relationships are perfect”.

Lucifer season four will be released on May 8th.

Bec Heim