Lucifer Cast Previews The Darker Turn For Season 4

Credit: Netflix

The moment that every Lucifer fan has been waiting for happened at the end of season three. Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) has definitive proof that Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is the Devil.

She saw the newly returned Devil face.

So what does that mean for them? More importantly, as German put it to TVLine“Is knowing he’s the Devil going to be a roadblock to them going to Bonetown?”

The answer, and the reaction, is more multi-layered than you would think.

“When I did press at the start of the break, I was asked what I thought Chloe’s reaction might be, and it is pretty much in line with what I guessed. I guessed that she would support him and love him, but be a little scared. She is, I think, in love with him, but just in denial.”

While Lucifer has told Chloe the truth, it’s quite another thing seeing it. That’s terrifying to Chloe, according to German. “And yet there’s also some relief, because it seemed like Chloe was looking for the truth all along, always asking, ‘What is up with you? What’s your deal?’”

Well she certainly knows it now.

That seems to be the vibe that fans got from the trailer for the Netflix series saved by fan campaign after Fox dumped it.

Chloe’s dealing with that, there’s also a priest from the Vatican, Father Kinley (Graham McTavish), who comes with ill will and prophecy. That’s never good.

Ellis was delighted to work with McTavish, “Graham is a friend of mine, so when we got him I was delighted. What happens in the first few episodes with Graham’s character is not where we finish it.”

That’s not all. With the return of Lucifer’s first love, Eve (Inbar Lavi), he’s also getting a little more…devilish in season four.

Ellis calls it “a more Jekyll-and-Hyde Lucifer than we’ve ever seen before”. After killing Cain (Tom Welling), he says that Lucifer is “like a predator who smelled blood again.”

Sounds like stuff’s gonna get real.

Lucifer hits Netflix on May 8th.

Bec Heim