Kara’s Secret Identity Is In Major Danger In “Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?” On Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

We’re barreling toward the season finale. It certainly looks like everything is spiraling. Last week, Nia stepped up as Dreamer to fill Supergirl’s absence in National City. She also gave her first interview where she called the aliens and those who side with them to have hope against the tidal wave of fear. Not that Lex’s puppet Lockwood and his fascists mooks are making anything easy for anyone.

Kara tries to expose Lex with an article. Her double life bites when Lena is upset that Kara wasn’t around when she needed her best friend. They make up and Lena tells her about working with Lex. They figure out that Lex is in Kaznia. Lockwood is searching alien homes and dragging some off to who knows where. George, his son, is starting to question his father’s beliefs and one of the alien’s Lockwood terrorized kills his wife. James, meanwhile, dealt with his trauma and the Harun-El in his system. Now, it looks like he has full range of powers.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Road Trip: Kara and Lena prepare to board the plane to Kaznia. Kara tries to go off without her, but Lena insists. Alex and Kelly go on a run together when Alex gets a call from the adoption agency and may be getting a child. At the funeral for Lydia Lockwood, George shares a story about his mother with his father just… leaving. Lockwood heads to the DEO, where he wants to hunt down Dreamer and the other aliens. He puts the DEO to task to find Dreamer and bring her in. He also wants to know how James got superpowers. At the Fortress of Solitude, Dreamer and Brainy test James’ powers. Brainy heads to the DEO to handle Lockwood. Lena offers another apology to Kara about Lex, but Kara assures her that they are always on the same side. They enter a weird purple lightning storm, which hits the plane. Kara handles the plane while Lena restarts the engine. Lena lands safely and Kara pretends she passed out from the excitement.

Base: Lena and Kara enter what looks like the secret base that Lex has been using. The only thing is that it’s been all cleared out. It looks like Lex has been experimenting on aliens to siphon and use their files with Amertek. Kara and Lena find paper files. Alex looks over the file for the birth mother, who is in labor. She has 12 hours to decide if she wants a baby and then head out to Portsmouth. Kelly offers Alex a sympathetic ear as she freaks out, telling her to breathe. Alex wants to talk to Kara, who is unreachable. Kelly tells Alex to imagine Kara there with her. Kara would tell Alex to go for it. Brainy watches Lockwood at the DEO who learns about Lena’s work with the Harun-El. Lockwood, however, doesn’t care and gets in. Lena notices DEO issue cuffs. Apparently, Lex has been experimenting on prisoners from the DEO desert facility. They find Eve there.

Lies: Eve makes it clear that she will always be on Lex’s side after trying to pull a stunt. Alex and Kelly arrive in Portsmouth where Alex is still freaking out. The birth mother doesn’t want to see Alex until after the baby is born. Alex is still panicking over the baby. According to Eve, someone authorized the DEO transfers. Eve keeps looking at some claw marks, which Kara and Lena follows. George comes to confront his father about leaving the church. Alex and Kelly are having an impromptu therapy session. Alex worries that she won’t be as good of a mother as her own. Kelly tells Alex that she’s the most nurturing person she ever met. Kara, Lena, and Eve head deeper into the facility where they find the Harun-El and Kryptonite. It also looks like Kaznia is planning an invasion of America. They find the files on the Red Daughter.

Excitement: Alex and Kelly look through baby supplies, but then Alex gets the call. The call isn’t good news, the mother has decided to keep the baby. Alex is devastated. They figure out that Red Daughter is a blank slate of Supergirl. Lex created a Kryptonian weapon pointed right at America. The real Eve arrives. She has duplication powers and is ready to blow up the base. Lockwood finds an unrefined version of the Harun-El. Brainy tries to warn him off, saying he needs to be with his son. Lockwood takes the case of unrefined Harun-El to hunt down the alien who killed his wife. Kara and Lena try to make an escape and Kara finds the Red Daughter’s room, which has her diary. It freaks her the hell out, but she wants to keep Lena away from the room. Kara makes sure to destroy the room before she goes with Lena.

A Stand: Lockwood finds the Brevik who killed his wife. He wants the other aliens arrested for harboring a fugitive, over Brainy’s objections. Kara finds the DEO prisoner transfer which leads to the President’s Chief of Staff. Lena sees Eve and heads after her. Nia and James arrive on scene. Lean finds one of the Eve’s in the plane and they fight. More copies of Eve begin to fight Kara. Just so many copies. Brainy urges the DEO to stand down against Lockwood’s fascist orders. Lockwood, seeing the DEO agents do just that, injects himself with the Harun-El. On the plane, Eve declares that Lex loves her, but Lena says the only thing he loves is himself. The Kaznian base blows up as Kara escapes. J’onn arrives as Lockwood gets the upper hand. J’onn is clearly to Lockwood and throws the man into a tanker. The DEO agents plus the heroes hurry to get the aliens somewhere safe. Kara and Lena arrive to find that Eve on the plane was a copy. Kara declares that now they know everything. Lockwood emerges from the fires of the tanker.

Alone: Lena apologizes for putting Kara in danger. She wasn’t thinking clearly over Eve’s betrayal. Kara gets ready to tell Lena about being Supergirl, but a speech Lena gave about Eve lying stops her. Kara decides against it, wanting to protect her friend’s heart. Alex and Kelly arrive back in National City. Alex feels devastated over the adoption falling through. Kelly tells Alex that there are always second chances. She shares a story about her secret fiancée, who died. She couldn’t mourn openly. A farewell note from her fiancée helped her and reminded her to not lose hope. Lockwood goes back to the church. George, who is pissed, deservedly lashes out, telling Lockwood he hates him. Lockwood’s eyes turn black while looking down at the Harun-El. James and Kara talk about the Red Daughter. She decides to tell Lena the truth once Lex is put away. Kara goes to Washington to meet with the President, telling him what she learned. He asks if Kara told anyone, she said no. he then kidnaps her. Welp, the President is in on it.

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