Janelle Monae To Pen New Song For Lady And The Tramp To Replace That Hella Racist Siamese Cat Song

Credit: LA Times

A great many classic films have aged poorly, especially with depictions of gender, race, and sexuality. While our current society is not perfect and we have our own issues, we can still be critical of past films and those moments that have aged poorly as a result.

Disney, naturally, is not exempt from these. Do we even have to say the words Song of the South? Or that Jim Crow scene in Dumbo? Rumor has it when Disney+ launches, both the former film and that scene will not appear on the streaming platform.

Another of these instances comes from the 1955 film Lady and the Tramp with that Siamese cat song. You know the one we’re talking about. While, as a child I adored that film, I could admit that even then something about it made me feel… uncomfortable. (With any subsequent rewatch, I tend to just skip past it.)

While most fans will debate the necessity of the Disney live-action films, they do offer chances to course correct on things that haven’t aged well. The 2015 Cinderella gave the title character more agency in her story and fleshed out the prince.

In the live-action version of Lady and the Tramp, there will be that course correction. Siamese cat song will be replaced by one written by Janelle Monae, according to Variety.

Monae will also provide her voice to Peg in the film, who was voiced by Peggy Lee in the original animated version.

The Dirty Computer singer will perform two original songs for the film, led by her girlfriend Tessa Thompson as Lady and Justin Theroux as Tramp. Monae’s artist collective Wondaland will reinvent that Siamese track with Nate “Rocket” Wonder and Roman GianArthur helming the new revamped song. It is reported that there won’t be any Siamese cats in the film.

Lady and the Tramp will debut on Disney+ on November 12th, 2019.

Bec Heim