It’s Time For Kara And Friends To Embark On “The Quest For Peace” In The Supergirl Season Finale

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

It’s time for the season finale. Oh what a season it has been. Let’s be honest, while the show definitely got darker this season, there was a vast improvement to season three. I’m ready to see what’ll happen now.

Last week, Kara faced Red Daughter several times. The last time that they squared off, Kara almost died. She had to pull some Disney Princess level of solar absorption in order to survive. Alex was able to remember naturally the truth about her sister. (Yay!) After being tortured by the Children of Liberty, who are draining aliens and sending them elsewhere, Brainy is fully Brainiac-5 now: emotionless and calculating. He left Nia and J’onn in the clutches of the Children of Liberty in order to figure out where aliens are being shipped off to. Lockwood learned that he was a pawn this entire time and keeps injecting himself with Harun-El. Lena got Lillian to figure out the Harun-El extraction process to help James, who refused until the threat had passed.

Lex, meanwhile, “kills” Red Daughter claiming that he killed Supergirl and stopping the Kaznian invasion.

Let’s see how we close, shall we?

Defeated: After Kara escaped from Red Daughter in DC, she returns to Lex to apologize for not killing Kara. Lex says that it is Kara’s heart that makes her weak and sends Red Daughter to Eliza. Six hours earlier in an Amertek Refinery, Lex drains more power from aliens to power his suit. Eve sees the footage from Lockwood taking Otis out and Lex tells her to handle Lockwood. Lex tells Eve that it is almost over and they share a kiss. Baker asks Lex about the plan. Lex points out that he built Baker up from zero to President. The assault from Kaznia begins while Kara and Red Daughter fight. Lex turns the attack back on the forces to make himself into the hero of the hour. Red Daughter hears Lex turning on the Kaznian forces, telling him that Supergirl is dead. Lex tells her that he betrayed Kaznia and turns on Red Daughter.

Survived: Kara wants to go after Lex, but Alex and Eliza don’t want her to do so with the climate as it is. Kara refuses to let Lex win, especially with Alex by her side. Lex straps in Red Daughter, taunts her and tells her that he hates her. He has bigger plans for her and those left behind. Lockwood gets more Harun-El where he learns that Lex has set him up as a fall guy. Baker gives Lex Lockwood’s job, pardons him, and denounces aliens. Copies of Eve show up to kill Lockwood, but he handles them and interrogates the remaining one. The aliens are being put to work at the refinery. Nia still hurts from Brainy’s betrayal. J’onn thinks they can handle this together. One of the aliens says they will follow J’onn. Kara and Alex meet with Lena and Brainy. Brainy easily recovers all of the evidence that Baker and his men erased. Brainy shares the news that J’onn and Nia have been abducted (no one realizes what’s going on huh?). Lena gets an invitation to the White House for Lex’s swearing in where he, Eve, and Lillian are waiting for her.

No Strings: Lex and Lena trade barbs at each other while Lillian wants to enjoy their family time. Lex declares he did his “great plan” for the Luthor family. The Luthor name has been cleared and revolutionize energy worldwide. He uses the aliens as super-powered batteries. He plans to destroy Argo City and Superman. Eve asks for a moment alone with Lex. Lillian is not buying this at all, poisoning his tea but Lex doesn’t drink it. Eve wants to press the Superman issue, but Lex refuses to listen. J’onn and the other alien stage a distraction. The aliens then revolt against the guards. Nia takes the power dampeners offline and astral projects to Brainy and the others. Kara hands Alex her completed article. Brainy has the Harun-El extraction device ready. Nia appears, writing the name of where they are being held on the wall: Shelley Island. Lex declares that the truth is meaningless, he is a human hero for the human people. Kara’s story goes live across the globe, declaring nothing can stop him. Brainy, Alex, Kara, and James arrived. Brainy learns the Claymore Satellite and Lex’s plans for Argo City. Lockwood and the Agents of Liberty arrive, wanting to take down Lex.

Destruction: Lockwood and the Agents of Liberty fight against Kara, James, and Alex. J’onn and Nia head into the core with Brainy arriving. He informs them about Lex’s plans for Argo, but he says he cannot allow the attack on Argo. J’onn, fueled by emotion, refuses to give up and plans on overloading the core. Eve informs Lex about an issue at Shelley Island, who leaves. Lena and Lillian handle Eve and the goons. James bleeds black during the fight while Kara handles Lockwood. Alex tries to extract the Harun-El from Lockwood, but Lex attacks. James and Alex send Kara to fight Lex while they do the extraction.

Steel: Lex and Kara fight with him demanding how she is still alive. Kara tells him that truth and justice will always prevail over him. He ignites the Kryptonite gloves while Kara puts on Lena’s suit. J’onn continues trying to overload the power source with Nia joining in. Brainy, seeing Nia suffer, he tries to keep things in boxes. His emotions get the better of him and he says what they’re doing doesn’t make any sense. Brainy is back and he tells Nia and J’onn that they can do it, encouraging his friends. He finally tells Nia that he loves her. They are able to overload the system. James, Alex, and Lockwood fight while Kara and Lex trade blows. Lockwood gets the Harun-El extractor from Alex and tries to use it on James. They are able to defeat Lockwood. J’onn and Nia free the aliens, Red Daughter included. Lex has Kara on the ropes, overloaded with Kryptonite when Red Daughter takes the hit, pushing Kara out of the way. Red Daughter tells Kara that she was right and to protect her people like she protected hers. Red Daughter then dies and Kara absorbs her power. The power boost is what Kara needs to take Lex out. She is able to harm his suit, declaring it from Red Daughter. Lex plummets to Earth. Kara asks him to let her save him, but he says he would rather die than be saved by a Kryptonian. Lex lands in his lab where Lena is waiting for him, declaring him predictable. Lex tries to get Lena’s help, but she pulls a gun on him. He says she won’t pull the trigger, but she does. Lex gets some parting shots in and tells Lena Kara’s secret identity. He tells Lena that she is left with no one and nothing before dying.

Victory: The President and Lockwood were arrested. James has injured his eye. The world seems to have got a bit saner. Haley is the Director of Alien Affairs, addressing Supergirl and thanking her. The Alien Amnesty Act is restored. Alex and Kelley pick up a bottle of wine and have a nice walk together. Kelley tells Alex that she really likes her. Alex kisses her while Brainy and Nia pass by on the way to game night at J’onn’s place. Lena comes to join them, who are thrilled to see her. She seems happy as well. Kara tells Alex that she’s going to tell Lena, but Alex tells her to wait a little bit. George Lockwood’s son denounces his father while Lockwood watches. At the National City Transit Authority, an old woman meets Eve, who tells her that she did everything she was asked by working with Lex. Lex was supposed to move the needle but he failed. She tells her that Leviathan is everywhere and everyone and coming. A strange breach opens with the Monitor meeting a hooded man. He tells the hooded man that this is Earth and promises to help him avenger those who wronged him. He declares that he’s coming for J’onn J’onzz. Lena shatters a picture of her, Kara, and Alex while the Monitor arrives to get Lex’s body.

See you in season five, folks!

Bec Heim