It’s Time For Barry And Team Flash To Live With Their “Legacy” On The Flash’s Season Finale

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

We’re at the season finale. What a season it has been. On the whole, it’s been better than season four. At this point, anything could top DeVoe.

Last week, Ralph figured out that Thawne had an evil plan in the works all along. It regards Cicada’s dagger; which Thawne has in 2049. Future!Grace almost released a virus that would kill any and all metas in the country, but was stopped by Team Flash. STAR Labs went public with their meta cure. Sherloque tried to get Rene to take it, but she refused. She likes her powers, so he sent her to his Earth to hide out from Cicada while he stayed behind.

Let’s see what happens with Thawne’s master plan, shall we?

Inverted: Nora talks about how she wanted to be a hero while time goes slow-mo with the Ralph trying to stop the mirror gun. He gets hit by it and, well, it gets horrifying. He does choke out “Thawne” and “dagger”. His cells, according to Caitlin, have inverted themselves. Sherloque goes to figure out what Ralph did while the West-Allen fam heads to CCPD to track Future!Grace. Cisco gets a text from Kamilla and Caitlin encourages him to be honest with her. Barry and Nora do their CSI thing, finding a piece of wood from Cicada. Future!Grace watches her past self while Orlin tells her to go back in time to the night of particle accelerator explosion. Sherloque figured out what Ralph did and Eobard wanted: the dagger destroyed. It’s the only thing keeping him in prison. The Warden says his goodbyes to Eobard and puts his Reverse Flash ring on him.

Loop: Sherloque figures out that the dagger keeps Thawne powerless. Destroying it the past destroys it in the future. Nora feels betrayed by this tactic, but Barry wants to press on. Caitlin encourages Cisco to go and see Kamilla. Cisco meets Kamilla to lay things out for her about his job and powers. He apologizes for lying to her about it. She ends up being totally understanding and supportive. Barry goes to see Nora, who is pretty devastated. He tells her that sometimes that they need to live with the consequences of their actions to move forward. She needs to decide what hero she wants to be. Caitlin tries to puzzle out how to help Ralph. Sherloque thinks that a vibrational jolt from Cisco can help reset Ralph’s cells. It turns out to be just the thing (though the language skills may take time to return). The wood sample yields a location, but they need a plan. Nora thinks she has one to stop both Cicada and Thawne.

Mirrors: Cecile will play the early warning detection system for Team Flash. Nora plans to talk little Grace in order to get her to take the cure. Barry tells her to speak from the heart. Future!Grace has prepped the time sphere. Joe gets Future!Grace into a breach which gets her into the prison at STAR Labs. Nora enters little Grace’s mind and is straight with her. She and her Uncle are both metas. There are two Orlins in little Grace’s mindscape, who argue with her. Future!Grace breaks out of the prison with her dagger. Little Grace agrees to take the cure, waking up in the present. They give her the cure, but Future!Grace has arrived. The cure didn’t work on little Grace because the shard in her head is part of the dagger. Future!Grace traps Nora and prepares to stab her. Cisco throws Barry the mirror gun, which destroys the dagger, the shard, and Future!Grace. In 2049, the dagger is also destroyed and Thawne gets his powers back, just in time.

Freedom: Thawne is free and informs the guards that they’re all dead. He then kills them, saving the Warden for last. He then puts on his ring, changing into his costume… But then time rewinds itself. Barry and Nora save the guards and the Warden. Thawne ask what they’ve figured out, declaring that Nora and Barry helped him escape. He’s been playing Nora this whole time in order to free himself from Cicada’s dagger. He declares that he is the only speedster who can orchestrate the timeline to get what he wants. Nora declares that they don’t need a dagger to stop him. Thawne makes a time copy. Barry and Nora each chase after one of them. He declares that Nora cannot save Barry from his vanishing, that is his legacy. He runs toward them, but then the Time Sphere appears, stopping him. Team Flash is here to help.

Reset: Eobard greets all the members of Team Flash, who proceed to surprisingly get down to business with Thawne. It’s kind of badass watching them all execute a coordinated strike against Thawne. Nora almost kills Thawne, but a new timeline sets in. When they destroy the dagger, Nora will be erased from the timeline. Thawne tells her that there is still time to save Nora. She has to go to the Negative Speed Force as it’s the only place immune to timeline changes. Thawne tells Barry that he’ll see him at the next Crisis. Barry and Nora access the Negative Speed Force together. Nora says she can’t do this, telling them that the Negative Speed Force will be part of her forever if she stays. She doesn’t want to become Thawne. The West-Allen family hugs as Nora vanishes from the timeline, reassuring her parents that it’s okay. She thanks them for everything before she disappears. Barry and Iris proceed to breakdown.

Mourn: In the present, Team Flash gathers to mourn Nora. Barry declares that Nora was a true hero. Sherloque leaves to reunite with Renee on his Earth and calls Ralph a true “master detective”. Joe and Cecile get a text from Singh to meet him at CCPD with Barry. Cisco, Caitlin, and Ralph go to give Iris time with her grief. She finds Nora’s journal and cries over it. Cisco tells Caitlin that he doesn’t what the extraordinary thing about his life to be his powers. While no one feels that way, Cisco does. He thought Vibe was who he was supposed to be, but Cisco Ramon wants his turn. He wants to take the cure, even though there is no going back from it. Caitlin injects him, telling him that she and Killer Frost will miss Vibe. Cisco tells Caitlin that he feels scared and hopeful, leaving her something in the workshop. At CCPD, Singh thanks Cecile, Barry, and Joe for their work with Cicada. He’s been offered the job as Chief of Police for Central City and he wants Joe to be his replacement. He also reveals that he knew Barry was the Flash the entire time. Iris sits in the Time Room with Barry sitting next to her. They both feel the loss of Nora and proud of the good she did, calling her “the best of both of us”. Barry wants his legacy to be as a good man and supportive father. Iris gives Barry Nora’s diary, who finds a chip. Nora recorded a final message, telling them she wouldn’t change a thing. As she talks, we see Kamilla and Cisco walk, Joe and Cecile in his new office, Sherloque meeting Renee, Caitlin/Killer Frost getting a new suit, and Ralph looking into a new case.

Crisis: Gideon declares an “incoming time flux”. In 2019, the Flash will go missing during a crisis.

Bec Heim