Hugh Jackman Proves That He Is The Greatest Showman In The Man. The Music. The Show.


When he comes on stage everything is on point. Hugh Jackman is the man who delivers a great live show with timeless Broadway hits, a lot of love for Peter Allen, and, of course, The Greatest Showman songs. And between all the singing and dancing, there is still time for fun audience interaction.

Hugh Jackman is one of the most famous actors in the world. The role of Wolverine was his big break through but soon enough Jackman let the world know that there is more to him then the big man with the claws. In 2003 he made his Broadway debut as Peter Allen in The Boy From Oz. In 2012 he played the role of Jean Valjean in the film adaptation of musical Les Misérables. In 2017 the film The Greatest Showman, in which Jackman played the leading role of P.T. Barnum, was very successful all over the world. Without a doubt, Jackman made himself a name as an actor with an incredible talent for singing and dancing. It led him to the world tour of Hugh Jackman – The Man. The Music. The Show.

The tour started May 1st in Glasgow. Right now he is on tour in Europe and he will go to North America in June and the show will run through October. Hugh Jackman has an incredible team of musicians and dancers with him.

The show is a good mix of musical stages of Jackman’s life along with some of his favorite songs. It starts out with “The Greatest Show as opening number and of course it’s not the only song from the hit film. Jackman takes the audience on a little journey through his life. He not only picks up songs he has performed in musicals in the past, there are also very touching and private moments he shares. In a very emotional way he talkes about his wife before singing the song Just the Way You Look Tonight”. And here is some good news for all the fans of current Broadway shows – Jackman delivers a beautiful version of “You Will Be Found” from the hit musical Dear Evan Hansen.

A great voice, amazing dance moves and cool costumes make this a very great show but the heart of the show is the way Jackman tells stories in between songs, makes some jokes or just takes a seat on an audience member’s lap. Also he brings people on stage. He is really enjoying himself on stage and it not only shows, it’s contagious. In Hamburg, in between two songs, Jackman even found the time to sign the tattoo of an audience member and yes, also that was very entertaining.

Also Wolverine fans won’t be disappointed. Even though Wolverine is not a musical figure Hugh Jackman shares a story from the time when he was cast as the X-Men character and after a drum session it seems like Jackman couldn’t resist to do some Wolverine moves with the drum sticks. It may sound like a small thing but the power of it is exceptional.

Yes, without a doubt, Hugh Jackman is the greatest showman of his own live show.