First Trailer For Amazon’s Jonas Brothers Documentary Chasing Happiness Released

Credit: Amazon Studios

If you were growing up during the mid to late 00s, then you knew the Jonas Brothers. They were ubiquitous. Swooning girls, the South Park treatment, the Disney show, the movies, you were at least vaguely aware of who they were at the time.

The band broke up in 2013 with the members pursuing other projects. Nick Jonas did Broadway, had another band, a solo career. Joe went onto DNCE and acting. Kevin had that brief reality show. They lived their lives.

Then, to the delight of fans, they brothers announced that the band was back together. They dropped their first single “Sucker”, promised a new album, and a documentary from Amazon Studios.

The first trailer for the documentary, Chasing Happiness, was released today. The doc contains never-before-scene footage along with interviews from the brothers, their parents, and management. The trailer focuses on their beginnings of singing at church to Disney knocking to their break-up as a band.

Nick, who left the band first, admits in the trailer, “There were moments I thought, ‘they’ll never speak to me again. I really want to have a second chance with them.”

Kevin adds that their upcoming album, Happiness Begins, is about just being with his siblings. It’s not money or fame, “it’s about doing something fun with my brothers.” Aw.

Check out the trailer below.

Chasing Happiness hits Amazon on June 4th.

Bec Heim