Everyone On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Misses A “Window Of Opportunity”

Credit: Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Coulson lives… sort of. His evil doppelganger Sarge is the central focus this week. He and his crew rob a convenience store and then vanish as they drive away. One of the crew, Pax, complains about the gear they’re missing because of their dead buddy from last week, but Sarge suggests that a jewelry store will have what they need. They set up in a hidden space within a junkyard. Pax suggests to Sarge that they take a breather before reducing the Earth to ash, which is apparently their plan, but the boss man is pretty single-minded.

At S.H.I.E.L.D., Mack briefs everyone about the latest threat but leaves out the “Coulson is somehow alive” detail. Dr. Benson is working on multiple theories to explain Coulson’s reappearance including that he might be another LMD. Any confirmation would include a chat with Dr. Radcliffe who is, as far as we know, still dead.

Just as May and Yo-Yo are about to head out to Sarge’s last known location, Benson stops them. He questions whether Coulson could’ve come back from the dead again, which touches a nerve with May. She insists she was there until the end and Coulson is dead (although she never actually says those words…). Here’s the problem: DNA from the convenience store perfectly matches Coulson.

Sarge and his gang visit a jewelry store, kill the guards, and force an employee to take them to the vault. They seal the door and create a portal in the vault that provides them a go-between from there to the hideout. Sarge is after crystals for a specific weapon they have. S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives but can’t get into the vault so they’re basically useless until Yo-Yo and May notice heat signatures inside walking through the wall. May rushes the junkyard where Sarge had been spotted, finds the hideout, and knocks out Pax. Then she incapacitates giant Jaco long enough to free the hostage, who Sarge sees running away.

It’s two against one when Jaco and Butterfly corner May but she absolutely owns them. She only pauses kicking their asses when she sees Sarge, who also hesitates. May calls him Coulson but he doesn’t respond. May is pushed through the portal back into the vault and the portal closes. Later, Jaco questions Sarge about the name “Coulson” and Sarge says it “rings a bell.”

In space, Fitz and the maintenance crew clear a blockage in the pipes but the crew grows suspicious about Fitz’s origins. They quickly discover he’s from Earth and the ship’s captain grabs him and Enoch, intending to throw them out of the airlock. However, Fitz is able to convince him that they’re his best workers and says they’ll even work for free. This plan works, for a while, until the captain reasons that if he has two slaves doing all the best work, why does he need paid maintenance workers?

Fitz faces a difficult choice. He needs to return to cryo-sleep eventually or he may never reunite with Simmons, which is all he really wants. At the same time, he’s certain he won’t be able to meet her eye if he lets a handful of people die without trying to save them. He stands with the crew, ready to sacrifice himself, but when the captain opens the airlock, Fitz and the others stay put while the captain is sucked out into space.

Now with a crew of people in his debt, Fitz wagers it’s ok to take a little more time before returning to cryo-sleep. Just as his ship leaves, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s ship arrives with Simmons, Daisy, and the others. Simmons says she can feel that Fitz is nearby.


Field Notes

I honestly can’t decide if I want Sarge to be Coulson or not. It seems lackluster for Coulson to have come back from the dead again, especially as a darker version of himself. Keep in mind, the season 5 finale was all about whether or not to save his life, as Yo-Yo gently reminded us this week. Then again, if Sarge isn’t Coulson, what’s his “mysterious” past life and interest in the name Coulson leading to?

Melinda May is the biggest badass on this show. Full stop.

Mack already knows about Yo-Yo and Keller, which is a relief, but how was May the last to figure it out?

Stephanie Coats