Evan Peters Hints He May Not Be Done With American Horror Story Just Yet

Credit: FX

American Horror Story fans were left heartbroken earlier this year when series star Evan Peters revealed he would not be appearing in the upcoming ninth season of Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology. Many feared he would go the way of Jessica Lange – the lead and main stay for the first four seasons, only to leave the series for other projects, returning last season for a guest spot to reprise her Murder House role (Constance Langdon). However, Peters has reassured fans that though he will not be in 1984, it doesn’t mean he has left AHS behind.

During the recent press junket for his new film X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Peters was asked about his future involvement with AHS. “Yeah, absolutely, never say never,” he assured Digital Spy. “I just… Yeah, we’ll see what happens.”

Although not a definitive yes, it at least provides fans with a glimmer of hope that we’ll see him once again.

The new slasher movie-inspired season has series regular Emma Roberts return. She’s joined by Olympian Gus Kenworthy, who stars as her boyfriend. Many having been holding out for the official announcement that Sarah Paulson is also returning (the last of the regulars who will have appeared in every season), but as of last month, she admitted that she “doesn’t really know the answer” to if she’ll be in 1984.

Speaking to Syfy last month, Paulson teased, “I think… all I can say is I know the least about this season upcoming that I’ve known about any season. I don’t even know… yeah, that’s all I can say.” Before adding, “Usually, I have more information at this point, and I’m bugging Ryan [Murphy] with questions. Right now, I don’t have a lot and yeah, I’m so busy with Ratched, it’s hard for me to think about anything beyond that.”

And that could be the biggest barrier to her involvement in 1984. Only time will tell if she’ll grace our screens. My bet is that she’ll be back, even if it’s just a guest spot in an episode or two. Though, earlier we couldn’t imagine an AHS without Jessica Lange, and while there have been some rocky patches, it has weathered her departure quite well. In fact, Hotel was one of my favourite seasons. Could the same be for Paulson and Peters?

American Horror Story: 1984 will premiere on FX later this year.

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