Doctor Who To Bring Back An Old Monster For Season 12: Who’s Thirteen Facing Off Against Now?

Credit: BBC/BBC Studios

While Doctor Who is not currently set to return until sometime next year, fans are already receiving some details about what they can expect for when it does return. Case in point, it has been revealed that The Doctor will be battling one of her many foes of the past.

This week brought us the news that the Judoon will be making their return to face off against The Doctor and her friends in the upcoming season. It has been 12 years since these rhino-like aliens were last seen on the hit series. They caused quite the problem in the episode “Smith and Jones” for David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor.

The question of the hour is what exactly are they up to this go round? What brings them to Gloucester after all this time?

Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall said the following about the return: “The Judoon are storming back into Doctor Who in full force, and the streets of Gloucester aren’t safe. If anyone has anything to hide, confess now. The Judoon are taking no prisoners, and will stop at nothing to fulfil their mission!

“The whole team on Doctor Who are delighted and scared in equal measure to welcome them back: one of many treats we’ve got in store for viewers next series.

“And we’re over the moon (with Judoon), to be welcoming the wondrous Neil Stuke as guest star. We can’t wait to show you what happens when his path crosses with the Thirteenth Doctor.”

Given all the craziness the Judoon brought to the world the last time they were around, we can only imagine that Whovians everywhere will be for quite the treat as Thirteen is a force to be reckoned with, and this face off will be an epic one.

Doctor Who series 12 is currently filming now with a release date set for sometime in 2020.

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