Cicada II Prepares To Wipe Out Metahumans In “The Girl With The Red Lightning” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

We’re coming to a close on the fifth season of the series. Next week is the season finale! Both the Cicadas, overall, have been perfectly fine bad guys. Not real Big Bad material, but you know fine. Now it’s time for Future!Grace to put her nefarious plans into action. She got the test meta-cures from the secret lab and something to put it into the air. Now she plans on wiping out all metahumans.

Luckily, Nora’s “turn” to bad last week has borne some fruit. She has a gun that can destroy Cicada’s dagger and they’re following Thawne’s plan. Hopefully, that will end well for everyone involved.

Let’s see what happens this week, shall we?

Countdown: It’s zero hour for Eobard, who is about to die. The guard asks how it feels for him to be extinct. He then shocks him with the lightning, declaring that what gives him powers will end him. Future!Grace continues to make her meta-killing bomb with her hallucination of her uncle egging her on. He tells her that it’s time to ensure their legacy. Caitlin says that with the atomizer, Future!Grace can infect the entire city. Sherloque points out that Future!Grace is missing something. They need to offer the meta-cure to the meta population. Joe volunteers CCPD to distribute it. Sherloque goes to warn Renee while the others get to work. They test out the mirror gun on the core of the satellite, which is made of the same material as the dagger. It works. Barry and Iris are still worried about Nora and the negative force. Joe and Cecile pitch it to Singh, who agrees to handle the cure. He also puts Joe in charge while he’s handling the politics. Sherloque almost talks with Renee about her powers when Future!Grace shows up and hunts them. Barry and Nora head to the scene, but she and Future!Grace continue to have a mental connection. Nora’s lightning turns red.

Waves: Future!Grace stole a quantum converter in order to use her dagger to supercharge her bomb. Renee is freaking out over Future!Grace trying to kill her, but Sherloque assures her that he thinks she’s extraordinary. Nora shares about the connection she and Future!Grace shared. Her red lightning was connected to Grace’s anger. Nora wants to use the connection in order to find out where Future!Grace is. Iris and Barry are against the idea. Caitlin, Joe, and Cecile are handling the shots. The news is airing Iris story over the cure and Cicada II. The CCPD gets slammed a bit more. Ralph puzzles over why Thawne created a new timeline with a new Cicada by sending Nora back in time. He does ask Nora about where to find the final piece in 2049, which leads them to Cisco’s college roommate. Barry heads to grab the conduit, leaving Nora behind, but there’s a bomb. Future!Grace has everything she needs.

Catastrophe: Future!Grace is preparing to kill every single meta in the country. Ralph comes with his board of tangled timelines, saying that nothing is adding up. Barry and the rest of the team agree something’s not right. They need to focus on the dagger. Iris talks with Barry about if they’re being overprotective of Nora, who has been listening in the entire time. Nora decides to use the cerebral enhancer to open her and Grace’s connection. Joe is having a hard time with the added responsibility and the pressure of the crowds of anxious meta-humans. Joe goes to have a moment. Renee, who Sherloque brought in for the cure, leaves. The lab releases an alert as Nora stands with the cerebral enhancer on and red lightning surrounding her. Barry takes it off of her and she collapses. Barry and Iris confront Nora over her decision to look into Grace’s mind. It nearly killed her. Nora firmly tells her parents that she is an adult and wants to take this risk. She wants them to help her, not hide her away. Cecile finds Joe talking with Singh to see if he’s coming back soon. Cecile tells Joe that he handles Team Flash and can handle this. He doesn’t need to be Singh, he needs to be Joe West. Sherloque finds Renee on a bench outside. He apologizes, he just wanted her to feel safe. Renee doesn’t want to take the cure. She wants to live her life on her terms. Sherloque tells her about the multiverse as way for her to have her powers and be safe. He’s sending Renee to his Earth. She wants him to come with her, but he has to stay. He promises to come find her. The pair share a kiss and he sends her off. Barry and Iris tell Nora that they taught her to be a hero. Nora believes she can control her connection to the Negative Force. They bust out the Cosmic Treadmill to help.

Cosmic: Cisco assures that everything should function well and protect STAR Labs while Nora handles Future!Grace. Ralph worries about Thawne’s plans having plans. Joe gives a speech to the gathered meta-humans, promising that they will get to everyone if they show a bit of patience during this difficult time. Cisco activates the Thawne Trap 2.0. Future!Grace realizes what Nora is doing. Grace blames Nora for everything. The Negative Force energy ratchets up. Nora tells Grace that she will not hold onto that anger. She informs her parents that Future!Grace is at CCPD. She crashes through the ceiling. Using her dagger, she absorbs everyone’s powers. She declares that “now their end begins”. Grace plans on using the metas as a battery to power the atomizer. The team decides to breech the atomizer to a dead Earth. The Team knocks out Future!Grace and Killer Frost seals off the door. Cisco has to science the hell out of the atomizer. Future!Grace wakes up and informs them that she never had the dagger before she came to this time. Barry, Killer Frost, and Ralph fight Grace while Cisco hacks into the atomizer as quick as he can. She uses Barry to break through the door, declaring that it’s too late. Cisco turns the atomizer off. Ralph realizes that Thawne had the dagger in the future. The dagger is Thawne’s plan. He tries to stop Barry from shooting it and…

See you next week for the finale, folks!

Bec Heim